Kabbalah - Spectral Ascent (CLEAR) (LP)

Kabbalah - Spectral Ascent (CLEAR) (LP)

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Occult retro-rock with fuzzed drenched riffage and harmonized vocals!

The debut album from Kabbalah, an all-female doom trio from Spain. Their sound has been described as strong, mysterious and fascinating, and moves between flashes of occult rock, 70s retro and classic heavy-psychedelic of the late 60s

If you’ve been keyed in to the doom-stoner scene in Spain, KABBALAH needs no introduction. I suspect, however, there are many for which this is a new name. The Pamplona threesome is the brainchild of Carmen (drums) and Marga (bass), formerly of local rock 'n’ rollers Las Culebras. As fun as that collaboration was, the pair hungered to delve into darker realms of witchcraft and the forbidden arts. Inspired by retro heavy psych, they released their eponymous debut in 2013. Two years later, Alba joined the team, adding a new dimension of bad-ass with those wicked guitar licks. Clearly, Kabbalah was evolving into something very special, already evident by their subsequent record, 'Primitive Stone’ (2015).

But nothing could have prepared us for the punctuated equilibrium of a leap forward that led to 'Revelations’ (2016). With a clever blend of seventies stoner rock, catchy sixties-inspired choruses, a dark, Sabbathian undertone, and hints of the traditional music of the region, Kabbalah etched out a distinctive sound that made me an immediate fan (the closest point of comparison I could think of was West Virginia’s Brimstone Coven, with notable differences).

In short, this trio smartly blends the stylistic spectrum doom metal and stoner rock as few have done before or since. Just take a listen to the opening number from their last album and you’ll get exactly why I’m so stuck on what these three ladies are up to. - Doomed And Stoned