Dekonstruktor - Eating The Universe (CD)

Dekonstruktor - Eating The Universe (CD)

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Origin: RUSSIA
Released: 2017
Catalog number: VNCD0005

Review by Steve Woodier from The Shrieks From Below

In 2014, Moon Mistress, an awesome band in their own right, reformed with Dekonstruktor as their new moniker, and released the album 'Eating The Universe' a monumental slab of acid soaked doom sludge. Dekonstruktor likes to think of itself as 'lo-fi, but really, they're doing themselves an injustice, because whilst this release is by no means brightly polished, the quality of the recording is enough to enhance the sheer immensity of the riffs.

After a brief into, we are subjected to the low end fuzz of the title track ' Eating The Universe' before the bulldozing, punishing '14' assaults the ears with a two minute blast of deathly sludge. My personal favourite 'To the Red Part 2' follows. This is one of those tracks that can't be played singly. Once finished, you can't help but play it again and again, mesmerised by the spacey, grooves interrupted by a heavy psychedelic interlude, before catapulting you back into orbit. 'Mindcutter' doesn't bring you back down to Earth, but rather crushes you with its doom sludge vacuum before the album finishes off with the coma inducing, industrial tinged monster of a track 'Dekonstruktor'

Subsequent releases became more and more experimental, too experimental for my tastes, but the album 'Eating The Universe' doesn't just eat it, it chews it up and spits it right out.