Stone Axe/Sun Gods in Exile - Split 7 inch (Green) (7 inch) Cover Art

Stone Axe / Sun Gods in Exile - Split (7 INCH) (GREEN)

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Origin: USA
Released: 2009
Catalog number: HPR-227
“On with the Show” is vintage Stone Axe, in that it reminds you of vintage someone else without being a direct re-write. Make no mistake, for all their indebtedness to the greats of yore, Stone Axe has its own voice.

Sun Gods in Exile impressed the hell out of me with their Black Light White Lines full-length and with “Tuscon,” they show no sign of a creative slow down. Like “On with the Show,” this is a more light-hearted number, despite guitarist Tony D'Agostino's ability to shoehorn in a blistering solo wherever he can.