You Will Die - Self Titled (CD) Cover Art

You Will Die - Self Titled (CD)

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Origin: USA
Released: 2005
Catalog number: HSR 013
Indianapolis-based trio You Will Die wheels out the instrumental magic on their frantic nine-track self-titled debut. Heavy and dark with a stoner rock edge, this group takes pieces of Keelhaul and Karma to Burn with a dash of The Fucking Champs and come out with a feral display of what goes down when three seasoned noise rock veterans ditch convention and mesh all of their wares together to make an explosive entity.

At the core of You Will Die's mantle exists a solid foundation of unrelentingly punishing percussion, meat-n-potatoes style guitar shred, and bass tones that only come up from the swamp because they need the air. As riff begets riff, tempos change on the drop of a dime, and torrents of punishment blare forth from amp and drum. No gimmicks, no vocals, no front-man, no samples, no political posturing, and no keyboards: You Will Die is unapologetically instrumental, unabashedly abrasive, and unmistakably distinct.

Aside from having the coolest name ever, You Will Die is a trio from Indianapolis that plays instrumental metal. The Fucking Champs and Pelican come to mind, but You Will Die lean more towards the caveman side of things. There's a bit of '70s metal influence, with bluesy bass lines and thundering drums. For three guys, this group can sure fill up space — although some riffs are just begging for a vocalist. Crack open a cheap beer and break out the Atari for this one.