Negative Reaction/Beneath the Frozen Soil - Split CD (IMPORT) (CD) Cover Art

Negative Reaction / Beneath the Frozen Soil - Split (CD)

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Origin: Israel
Released: 2007
Catalog number: trust007
Sweden's doom trio Beneath the Frozen Soil are clearly inspired by mid-era My Dying Bride. The band possesses the same rare feat that allows them to combine desolate doom dirges with powerful up-tempo sections. Wrapped in a multitude of vocals and additional instrumentation by way of a cello, piano and synthesizer Beneath the Frozen Soil succeed in conjuring up images of what their moniker implies while staying thoroughly accessible for the average doom fan. The production is top notch with a bulldozing drum sound, bass-heavy with enough space for the guitars, vocals and additional instruments.

US power trio Negative Reaction on their part are inspired by the likes of Khanate or a more doom oriented High on Fire. The vocals of Ken E. Bones remind me a bit of disbanded act Uphill Battle as he shrieks in a similar fashion throughout the band's 4 tracks. Negative Reaction derives its strength from its heavy bottom-end groove and dense, hypnotizing riffing. Like their brethren, High on Fire, the band has a distinct stoner aura around their material and the psychedelic bass playing only fuels that assessment. The production is also crystal clear with the bass and drum prominently featured in the final mix.

This is a great pairing of European and American underground doom sensations.