Tides - From Silence (CD EP) Cover Art

Tides - From Silence (CD) (EP)

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Origin: USA
Released: 2006
Catalog number: TDB 008
Of all the bands whose DNA contains a healthy amount of that atmospheric, progressive metal that’s derived directly from Isis, Neurosis, and Pelican, Tides were among the better discoveries. Their debut, the six-song Resurface, showed that when done right, it was still possible to make an impression playing a style of music that’s commonly identified with only a few bands. With the three song From Silence, they build on that core sound with the same sort of somber and sparse qualities of the last Earth disc, Hex: Or Printing in the Infernal Method. There’s a ton of open space making for a subtle and brooding collection that, collectively, takes its time to unfold. Much like Hex.. and unlike Resurface , there isn’t an epic feel to Tides’ newest songs... Focusing more on atmosphere than bombast. So while they maintain a progressive, complex style, the end result is more introspective and meditative.

From Silence, a three song journey pushes the band forward while keeping with themes from its past. While Resurface often feels airy and spacious, the new disk bears a thicker and warmer sound. The drumming is much more excited and urgent, while the riffs are darker and brooding. Tim Fickeisen, a second guitar player, was sought out to help re-create the tracks live. Many sections of the new material feature multi-layered guitars and effects which can only now be performed outside of the studio.