Witchcraft - Firewood (2006) (CD) Cover Art

Witchcraft - Firewood (CD)

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Origin: USA
Released: 2006
Catalog number: cdl0202cd
Firewood carries on the slavish devotion to ‘70s doom rock that Witchcraft established with their self titled debut. And by “’70s doom rock” I mean Pentagram. Basically, Witchcraft are to Pentagram as Rhino Bucket are to AC/DC. The song remains the same and the song remains good. The songs have their own simple, faithful-to-the-influences charm that’s hard to ignore. The production is more professional sounding than on their self titled album, but it’s still pure retro. Firewood is just as good as their self titled debut. And if Witchcraft find more of a distinct identity going forward, their next album will be a monster.