World Below - Maelstrom (IMPORT) (CD) Cover Art

World Below - Maelstrom (CD)

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Origin: Austria
Released: 2005
Catalog number: PSY 019
To the fans of slow, deep strumming, melancholic riffs and sad epic doom – World Below is here with their second album. Incorporating influences from darker parts of the metal palette they fuse elements of black, doom and war metal to produce a blend of slow and tortured music – in two words, epic doom. Further listening revealed more intricacies of riffs galore, constant and frequent melody and tempo changes, commendable double guitar work and thick tone, all very tastefully executed. The melody seems unstoppable as it flows in a stoic manner from song to song, remaining dark and anthem-like. Swedes have a good track record of creating powerfully epic doom and World Below is not an exception.

World Below is a four piece out of Sweden bringing back the more classic Doom Metal atmosphere that began with Black Sabbath in the '70s, adding some epic touches in the vein of Candlemass and Doomshine to its music. For fans of Candlemass, Thunderstorm, and Orodruin.