Voodoo Shock - Voodoom (IMPORT) (CD EP) Cover Art

Voodoo Shock - Voodoom (CD) (EP)

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Origin: Austria
Released: 2004
Catalog number: PSY009
Similar to Reverend Bizarre, Voodoo Shock specialize mainly in traditional European doom. Unlike Reverend Bizarre, there’s less a penchant for the dramatic. Voodoo Shock even occasionally up the tempo on their songs, bringing a touch of rock to the usual lumbering trappings. The band has bridged doom with a traditional hard rock/metal song structure. The hooks and melody (in both playing and singing) that Voodoo Shock hinted at in their earlier work are much more apparent.

Voodoo Shock echoes so many great doom bands that I can't possibly list them all. They have absorbed all the best influences of classic power doom and assimilated them into a riff driven engine of beautiful conviction and complexity. Uwe Groebel's low end fret patterns and effortlessly strong vocals are the stuff of doom legend. Brings to mind the best of Saint Vitus, Cathedral, Sabbath, and Trouble. The rhythm section throbs and pounds ominously, the guitar roars a doomtuned Wino style foundation riff, and the vocal cuts through with a warning of Trouble ahead. Every tune marches forward with that steady, unrelenting, slow, but not sloow, tempo we doomheads know so well. Voodoo Shock is absolute electric doom ecstasy, with one sonic induced body rush after another.