Arcadian Child - Afterglow (CD)

Arcadian Child - Afterglow (CD)

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Origin: USA
Released: 2018
Catalog number: RWCD003

Arcadian Child formed in 2013 in Cyprus and after a few years of honing their sound with jam-filled shows. Their first album is called Afterglow.

"Chock full of hard-rocking neo-psych, the guitars wail with bluesy bravado and there’s just enough fuzz to give it that hazy stoner rock feel. Meanwhile, the anthemic chorus and simple, titular refrain of “She’s on my mind” give it a sing-along quality that makes it stick in your head."

"This record holds a myriad of elements from different influences, including more mainstream ones. There are proggish sides that often makes me think of late 70s Pink Floyd, the meticulous production gives a sound ala Foo Fighters, the singing and groove recall the glory of indie rock, with some Franz Ferdinand like energy, or Ghinzu’s masterful on the darker humored songs. You can only feel at home with this déjà-vu feeling, intriguing you to recognize all these elements." - MORE FUZZ

In advance of the record's release, Treble premieres the new song, "Electric Red", stating, "The track is an interesting cross-section of stoner rock heaviness, indie rock hookiness, spacey effects and rhythmic complexity." -- Treble zine