Red Mesa - The Devil And The Desert (RED) (LP)

Red Mesa - The Devil And The Desert (RED) (LP)

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Origin: USA
Released: 2018
Catalog number: DSRT666

"The Devil and The Desert" is a concept album that is divided into 2 sides.

Side A (tracks 1-4) are acoustic based and written by Brad Frye on an old Guild guitar that he found in Maine. This side sets the tone and landscape for "the devil and the desert" to thrive.

Side B (tracks 5-7) are the heavy psychedelic metal and desert rock that Red Mesa is known for.

Combining these two sides of music helps to weave the story of humankind using the devil as a metaphor for their own evil ways. It's the Devil's fault! Or is it?

This album is about songwriting at its finest. Combining styles of Acoustic, Blues and Americana with some of the heaviest riffs of Metal and Doom, this album will give many rock and roll fans their fill