Blackwulf - Sinister Sides (LP)

Blackwulf - Sinister Sides (LP)

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Origin: USA
Released: 2018
Catalog number: RIPLP071

The long-awaited third album from Bay Area dark, heavy rockers, Blackwulf, featuring the fantastic guest lead guitar work of doom legend, Geof O'Keefe, who adds his chops to three tracks!

Employing the guitar pyrotechnics of Pete Holmes and the Banshee wail of Alex Cunningham, combined with a rhythm section for the ages, Blackwulf bring out all the best of what is stoner/doom and pure heavy rock.

Gorgeous gatefold LP with fractal art!

"Heavy on the heavy, doomy on the riffing, this vintage metal band from Oakland, CA has hit the nail on the proverbial head."
- Heavy Planet

"Melodic but hard-riffin’ doom from California. Bang your head to this cool, crunching metal and savour the hints of 70s/vintage rock."
- Doom Metal Heaven

"A new band on our radar and one we won't quickly forget. Local boys, Blackwulf devastate with their riff-mad stoner heaviness."
- The Ripple Effect