Pleiadees - Self Titled (LP) (GALAXY)

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Scheduled release date: November 22nd, 2019

Origin: ITALY
Released: 2019
Catalog number: SSR057

“Pleiadees looks at the stars with its feet in the mud of life,” the band says. “From mud ,the lotus is born. From the lotus, a jewel. Pleiadees’ music digs deep in search of forgotten jewels. It uses the methods of free rock, jazz, and improvisation and transcends them all. It’s world music for these disjointed times we’re all in “

Pleiadees is a project that goes beyond borders. Its genesis was slow and thoughtful and was built on intentions, even before the sound itself. Shared and noble intentions that wanted to look beyond the genres and mutual “belongings.”

“We wanted a sound that could evoke the ancestral forces of music, melody, and rhythm,” the band explains. “We wanted to find a connection with the deeper and more often forgotten sense of music: to raise the spirit and lead it to the presence of the divine. It’s a powerful and purplish music. Bright and syncretic. Constellation of events and ancient knowledge.”