Farflung - This Capsule (WHITE) (LP)

Farflung - This Capsule (WHITE) (LP)

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Released: 2018
Catalog number: NOIS0070-1

Fans of Psych - , Space - , Kraut - or Stonerrock will undoubtedly have stumbled across this bandname many times. And maybe they have even made it out in glimmering letters on the darkening horizon: FARFLUNG. An institution of a band, a genre - giant. After almost 25 years they have given us quit e a number of albums, split - EPs, live albums and singles – many of them being praised as genre highlights. Now the time has come for yet another strike: „This Capsule“ is a dark and hovering masterpiece. A sound carrying a sinister vibe and unfurling itse lf slowly but surely. Drawing you in. Swallowing you whole.

If you ask the band about what tag they would put on their music, they talk about „ total cinematic sounds “ and explain with a certain satisfaction: „ We bridge all the genres of non - commerical r ock. “ Tommy Grenas and Michael Esther, the two core - elements of the Spacerock trio, have more than once been called the „true wardens of the Los Angeles Psychedelic Underground“ and the trio is undoubtedly one of the pioneers of Heavy Psych Rock, although never really aiming for the spotlight. „ We're all artists, parents and adventurers “, says Tommy Grenas, „ I like listening to what we do. I'm a self - confessed self - fan. If you're not happy with what you do, why do it? “

And not only they themselves are FAR FLUNG fans – many other well - known collegues have outed themselves as adorers of the space rock outfit. Among them Helios Creed of Chrome , the gentlemen of Voivod , who invited them to their Au - delà du Réel - event at 2012s Roadburn Festival and Henry Rollins, who took them into his Top 5 for Spin Magazine. Collaborations with artists like Damo Suzuki (Can), Nik Turner (Hawkwind), Dave Catching and Gene Trautmann (QOTSA, EODM), Roedelius (Cluster, Harmonia), Andy Colquhoun (Deviants, Warsaw Pact), Lydia Lunch or the already mentioned Helios Creed (Chrome) have made them a solid part of the music scene and turned them into underground heros.

„This Capsule“ is a true trip through space. Harmonic arrangements and not just overboarding jam - sessions. Majest ic, incaptivating and never boring. They are about to take off again. So sit down, buckle up and enjoy the ride...