Morkobot - Morbo (with Bonus CD) (IMPORT) (LP) Cover Art

Morkobot - Morbo (LP) (CD)

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Origin: Italy
Released: 2011
Catalog number: CAT011
2011 marks the return of Morkobot, bringing forth their heaviest, most focused and most adventurous music ever. Enter, Morbo. After the previous one track album Morto, Morbo (latin for disease) consists of seven cacophonous songs in which the psychedelic attitude of the first Trilogy (Morkobot - Mostro - Morto albums) is dried to expose the bones and nerves of a more intricate, but at the same time more straightforward and focused music, skillfully assembled by the two bass guitars and drum kit. The result is a raw yet complex low end sound, interesting to hear as the spectrum of it becomes pure and essential so that Morbo will modify quickly the way you're used to hear music. Known for carving a sonic language of their own, Morkobot's fourth album takes their sound to new depths and offers a different way of approaching heavy music.