Arrowhead - Coven Of The Snake (LP)

Arrowhead - Coven Of The Snake (LP)

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Origin: USA
Released: 2019
Catalog number: RIPLP106

Rising from the underground of Sydney’s stoner rock scene, the Arrowhead brotherhood fire an explosive, all killer/no filler triptych of volume, attitude and down-tuned grooves.

Hitting you harder than a Frank Frazetta-airbrushed panel van travelling at 100mph, Arrowhead is very much a band defined by the riffs that raised them. Having paid their dues as a band since late 2009, following on from 2010’s Atomsmasher EP, their self-titled debut and 2016’s Desert Cult Ritual, Coven of the Snake is the latest addition to the quartet’s quiver.

Feeding into the vision of hard rock reverie via Hollywood monsters and science fiction cinema, Coven of the Snake is equal parts venom and mysticism, and 100% blood-bound to steal your soul in the name of rock and roll!