Agresiva - Eternal Foe (CD)

Agresiva - Eternal Foe (CD)

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Origin: ITALY
Released: 2016
Catalog number: M2016-2

Reissue of their debut self-released full lenght album. Bay-Area references that are present, a nice mix of Exodus and Metallica-inspired guitar playing.

AGRESIVA is a heavy metal band formed in Madrid, Spain in the summer of 2008, by guitarists Eduardo Chamón and Miguel Coello. Samuel San José (vocals), Daniel Villaseñor (bass) and Axel Ramírez (drums) completed the lineup.

They released their fist demo, Sent To War, in the fall of 2010. Shortly after, Chus Maestro substituted Axel Ramírez on drums. Due to this initial success, in March 2012, Agresiva released their first full-length album, Eternal Foe.

The album was recorded and engineered by Ángel “Choco” Muñoz at Traste Cero Studio, in Torrejón de Ardoz (Madrid). It was mastered and mixed by Dan Díez at Sonolab Studio and produced and edited by the band itself. The artwork was developed by Marcos Cabrera.

After the release, the band turned into a four-piece act as Eduardo Chamón left for personal reasons, leaving Miguel Coello solely repsosible for the band´s riffs.

The release was followed up by numerous gigs all over Spain including performances at important Spanish metal festivals like Pounding Metal Fest and Skulls Of Metal, to mention a few, and a feature in the legendary Heavy Metal Maniacs in The Netherlands.