Woodcreeper - I (CD)

Woodcreeper - I (CD)

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Origin: USA
Released: 2019
Catalog number: FPR082

Something is moving in the forest, something that can not be seen, only heard. A portal has been opened, do you dare look inside?

WOODCREEPER have presented us with a complex album about science and nature. A completely original album for metal heads as well as free thinking music fans. Although short in length, this mini album makes every second count. We were blown away when Andy handed over this beautifully composed metal album. It has been a go to in the office when we crave excellence.

Featuring Riff Worm from Snuff Queen on the drums. This album will not leave your stereo.You will be left wanting so much more. Essential.

Limited edition of 150.

Recorded at Riff's house, in a single take, within a few hours, in Dubuque, Iowa, July 2019. Some minor overdubs. We kept the junk intact.