Switchblade Jesus - Self Titled (CD)

Switchblade Jesus - Self Titled (CD)

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Origin: USA
Released: 2015
Catalog number: RIPCD033

The long-sold out debut jam from these Texan Dirty Groove rockers, Switchblade Jesus.

the self-titled debut full-length from Corpus Christi, Texas-based heavy rockers Switchblade Jesus If you're a fan of Down, Corrosion Of Conformity, Crowbar and even Clutch then strap yourselves in. Bastard Son is going to rock your fragile world up. Blazing guitars come out of nowhere with Peter on inspired form. And the killer lyrics that can make a grown man cry!!! - Want evidence. Well how about these lyrics - "Well see your Daddy was a bastard baby, can he change his evil ways - NO!!! - So I shot him down to the ground"This album will grab you by the throat and it won't let go until Switchblade Jesus either convert you to their way of thinking or you will be left emotionally battered and bruised through the power of their riffs. There are bits of heavy rock and even psych rock put into their sound – incorporating as much groove as can be packed in a single riff, pronounced bass, a very sharp drum sound and heaviness on a level that wouldn’t be expected from such an outfit, all under the sauce of throaty vocals and down-to-Earth lyricism.

Features all new artwork and a 6-panel digipack with band photos and gorgeous inner art.

"Overall the album is highly infectious. If you’re looking for something cutting edge or progressively pushing the envelope you aren’t going to find it with Switchblade Jesus. What you will find is hard rocking stoner riffs to guzzle beers and grow your beard out to. Very strong vocals that as I referenced earlier sort of bring that Clutch meets Brand New Sin vibe. If either of those bands are your thing I highly recommend this one which chalked full of enough gnarly solos and heavy head jerking groove, to keep you hydrated on your way to the next whiskey bar."
- Grip of Delusion