Demonauta - Part 2: Temaukel, The Spirit Before Time (CD)

Demonauta - Part 2: Temaukel, The Spirit Before Time (CD)

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Origin: PERU
Released: 2018
Catalog number: NR032

Temaukel, The Spirit Before Time, is the direct follow-up to Demonauta’s 2016 album Tierra del Fuego. The album carries on the heavy psychedelic fuzz the band created on that celebrated album. Though Temaukel, The Spirit Before Time, has a more subdued and progressive style of music compared to their last album. The album also feels way more personal as well.

As with their last album, the vocals and lyrics are sung both in English and Spanish. If you’re a fan of Demonauta’s previous albums then Temaukel, The Spirit Before Time, will make you love the band even more.

Truth be told, it did take myself a long time to genuinely admire this album. I don’t know why. As I’m huge admirer of Demonauta and their blend of Psychedelic Fuzz/Stoner Rock. Temaukel, The Spirit Before Time, took me about 4 listens to actually enjoy and admire the album in it’s own right.

The highly progressive Fuzz/Stoner Rock vibes and the fantastic vocals have quite a dreamy and spaced out effect on certain parts of the album. I’m not going to do a song-by-song review as it’s best to listen to this album in one full sitting and as one epic song. The album will lead you onto a continuous and cinematic journey with a high amount of thrilling moments to impress you along the way.

Some parts of the album have a Mars Red Sky style of music especially with the more ambient and psychedelic parts of the album. Though Demonauta are still very much their own band. As the band have been in existence for a decade now and have released a string of acclaimed albums since then. Temaukel, The Spirit Before Time is the band’s 5th album and this album will only enhance Demonauta’s reputation as one of the finest Desert/Fuzz/Stoner Rock band that the South American scene has to offer.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

- Outlaws of the Sun