Ayahasca Dark Trip - Upaya (CD)

Ayahasca Dark Trip - Upaya (CD)

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Catalog number:REX117

Ayahuasca Dark Trip created a unique album, it’s a ritualistic trip into a psychedelic path through and evil ceremonies, revealing the most gloomy ambiance endowed with life-passage rituals used in black magic. Now with fuzz!

The first thing you listen to on this album is a 2 minute intro with some crazy ritual sounds that resembles an Indian kind of satanic black magic, weird melodies, and evil chants. Isn’t that the best way to start an album for a band named Ayahuasca Dark Trip?

Seriously, you don’t need to take ayahuasca to listen to this, but at least roll the fattest one you can, it’s the least you can do. Trust me, this trip is going to be worth it. Sit down, let it kick in, dim the lights or kill them completely, and listen to it LOUD.

The second mark is really when the album really starts, with a heavy and muffed guitars, fuzz galore! The drum kit sounds very old school and damped at its maximum. When you listen to the real vocals for the first time you actually can’t believe that you’re going to listen to an entire album with that crazy black magic, ritualistic vocals you just saw in the intro. The ending of this song is amazing, and oozes some kind of early Pink Floyd era, the psychedelic part.

“The Vine” starts with another ritualistic and hypnotic melody, always accompanied by percussion instruments. After exactly 10 minutes of the dorian greek mode being looped in your brain, the ritual inherits a heavy fuzz while some Wiccan spells being cast by the voices. “Eternal Return” is another slow and dark track, that features a sad melody. The following tracks evince two ritualistic songs, drawing a weird picture in your mind, of some life-passage ceremonial worship.

Overall this is a very original idea, and I’m glad some people decided to create it (even dwelling different countries in different continents). The ambiance is very different from what we usually see in this music scene, though there are several details that will probably please the average fuzzer. But even if it doesn’t, it drags you into a special, distinctive, unique experience. A different kind of trip, a very, very, VERY dark one, just as the name of the band promptly suggests.

I’ll see you on the other side of this darkness trip. Maybe. Good luck! - More Fuzz