Ufomammut - Lucifer Songs (Re-issue) (IMPORT) (2CD) Cover Art

Ufomammut - Lucifer Songs Reissue (CD) (2CD)

  • $24.99

Origin: Italy
Released: 2006
Catalog number: CAT 001

Holy mother of fuck. That’s all that really needs to be said about Ufomammut’s Lucifer Songs. If you thought Godlike Snake and last year’s Snailking were peerless slabs of psychedelic doom, then you’re in for a real treat with this one. Rolling, distorted bass lines, otherworldly singing that seems to leap out at you from some hellish plane of existence, thick, psychedelic riffs, powerful drumming, and a background of effects. Their take on doom is almost indescribable – it just is. Their songwriting almost broaches a symphonic state, where each note is an epic in its own right. Holy mother of fuck, this is good.