Sator - Ordeal (IMPORT) (CD) Cover Art

Sator - Ordeal (CD)

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Origin: Italy
Released: 43014
Catalog number: REX86
Sator are a doom/sludge band from Genoa, formed in spring 2013. SATOR love to mix heavy and psyched out sounds. Following the highly acclaimed 2015 debut, the new album is ready in September 2017 on Argonauta Records and sees the band at its very best, with sonorities influenced by both classic and modern bands: from the pioneers of doom & kraut muzik to the modern sludge & post metal. Sator (sower, producer, father in Latin) creates the word Saturn, the divinity, whom was told that one of his children would have dethroned him one day. So he decided to devour all his progeny. It as a symbol of our society that devours itself for its personal interests. SATOR "Ordeal" is recommended if you like: EYEHATEGOD, SKEPTICISM, NEUROSIS.