Spacemetal - Shroud (CASS)

Spacemetal - Shroud (CASS)

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Origin: USA
Released: 2019
Catalog number: NONE

Be forewarned... SpaceMetal returns, another cosmic voyage across space-time complete, but on this landing, as their battered vessel drifts into port, it blots out the warmth of the sun, a shadowy omen for the chill tidings they bring.

Hewn, as before, into sonic slabs of pulverizing heaviness, the tales related by these dimension-tripping sojourners take a distinctly darker turn this time out. Where once were observed visions of the fantastic and glimpses of the mind-bending, we now hear troubling whispers of encroaching death and decay. Man, woman and child, none are spared the cold hand of the Reaper, and one is left to wonder which is worse, the momentary flash spent on this earthly plane, or what may be in store for those beyond...

In an act of existential succor, the intrepid men of SpaceMetal, relayers of these chronicles of mortality, once again drench their epic sagas in planet-realigning riffage, orbit-altering grooves, and vocals that howl in the face of the abyss, offering defiant hope of staving off Death himself - for a time.

So sit back... the telling is at hand - if indeed these five galactic wayfarers yet draw breath within their ship. Behold a selection of SpaceMetal’s stygian verses to occupy the restless consciousness during our ephemeral moment in the sun. And should the arched shadow of an ancient scythe happen to fall across your heart while so aurally engaged, well, what better way to go out than enveloped in the most righteous metal this side of...the Other Side? Enjoy...