Sorrows, The - Gonna Find a Cave EP (IMPORT) (7 inch) Cover Art

Sorrows, The - Gonna Find a Cave EP (7 INCH)

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Origin: UK
Released: 2014
Catalog number: RISE7/188
The Sorrows were formed in Coventry in the early 60’s. In 1965 they scored a top 20 hit with the brooding Take a Heart. The band are considered a highpoint of the British freakbeat era and went on to record further highly regarded singles, including the monstrously psychedelic Pink, Purple, Yellow and Red.

Vocalist Don Fardon left the band early on and embarked on a semi-successful solo career, which included a top 5 hit with Indian Reservation I 1970.

Today Fardon has re-joined The Sorrows and they are once again out on the road tearing things up. Find a Cave is a brand new recording (produced by former guitarist Roger Lomas) and continues to keep the early spirit of the band alive.