Scaremaker - What Evil Have They Summoned... (CD) Cover Art

Scaremaker - What Evil Have They Summoned... (CD)

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Origin: USA
Released: 2010
Catalog number: RR 60
Scaremaker really, really, really likes Impetigo. And Repulsion. And old horror movies from the 80's. They make this all abundantly clear within the first several minutes of What Evil Have They Summoned, although I have little doubt that most of you could have guessed this just by taking a look at the band roster: Elektrokutioner (drummer of Decrepitaph and Festered) and Billy and Vanessa Nocera (of Razorback Records) handling guitar, bass, and vocal duties. Like a lot of Razorback Releases, it's a rip-roaring death/thrash throwback to a time before convoluted time signatures, mosh breakdowns, and super shitty "package tours" where you have to wait through about a hundred bullshit deathcore sets until you can finally see Suffocation or Carcass or whatever. And like just about all Razorback releases, What Evil Have They Summoned is fun, energetic, and just flat-out rules.