Declan de Barra - Song of a Thousand Birds (CD) Cover Art

Declan de Barra - Song of a Thousand Birds (CD)

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Origin: USA
Released: 2007
Catalog number: TL18-2
Waterford's Declan de Barra has a voice of oak, amber, suffering and steel, the baroque quality of a Nick Cave and a range akin to Jeff Buckley. Big words but just listen to "Throw Your Arms Around Me" or "Blackbird Song" and you will feel like de Barra has just plugged himself directly into your psyche's shadow. Cello, fiddle, piano and guitar adorn this hideously beautiful debut.

Where Morrissey has always stood above his audience and talked down to them, de Barra sets himself right in the center of the chaos, drawing them in as much a true believer himself as a performer. The end effect is cathartic; an utter lack of pretense that comes from knowing he can't fool a soul.