Half Makeshift - L'anse Amort (CD) Cover Art

Half Makeshift - L'anse Amort (CD)

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Origin: USA
Released: 2007
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Right from the start of L'anse Amort you'll notice the more rhythmic approach as well as more 'clothed' melodic ideas. The distorted harpsichord, the guitar chords, bells and atmospheric keyboards take us to the more romantic aspects of nordic metal without being metal (or nordic). More the stuff you'd find as intermezzo's on the classic black metal releases. After 10 minutes into "A Whale's Heart" a screeching, distorted - if not devastated - heavy guitar takes the opening piece into a grim finale. Like the title track, which after repetive clean guitar tinglings takes a massive turn into a heavy, droney wall of sound. Melancholy is maintained to the end where the flutterings in "Eye" make you worry a bit about your CD player.

Experimental landscapes both serene and terrifying, with elements of everything from Black Boned Angel to Philip Jeck.