Sweet Cobra - Forever (CD) Cover Art

Sweet Cobra - Forever (CD)

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Origin: USA
Released: 2007
Catalog number: HSR020
Sweet Cobra's influences draw from His Hero is Gone, Black Flag and Unsane to the more rock oriented Helmet and newer rock staples High on Fire. Each of these influences can be heard with variations of others, all delivered heavy-hearted and mad as hell. Rock rhythms mixed with hardcore breakdowns and metal guitars allows this band to defy any mold or predictions.

Forever doesn't follow Unsane's footsteps so closely, although it still retains the bruiser spirit of the NY band. Sweet Cobra is definitely more rock-oriented, even when the hardcore rhythms get pushed to the front. Where they really shine is when they settle into a mid-tempo groove and allow room for some gruff melodies. Ultimately, fans of the band are going to find Forever worth the wait. I'd certainly recommend this one over Praise as a starting point to the uninitiated.