Raw Radar War/Deer Creek - Split CD (CD) Cover Art

Raw Radar War / Deer Creek - Split (CD)

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Origin: USA
Released: 2007
Catalog number: GT - 34C
Split album featuring Boston's brutalizing RawRadarWar and the bleak, punishing heaviness of Denver's Deer Creek. (RRW is fronted by Only Living Witness and Milligram vocalist Jonah Jenkins in his most ferocious persona yet). RawRadarWar occupies the front half of this disc with five cuts: two of epic, scathing, rumbling, low-toned Sludge Doom and three of dark ambient soundscapes. The back half of this CD features seven desolate doses of the heavy from Denver's Deer Creek: four tracks from the "Theriac" recording and the three tracks from the "Mammon" demo. Features original "Doom Tornado" artwork and layouts by Paul Vismara.