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1000mods - Repeated Exposure to… (IMPORT) (CD) Cover Art 1000mods - Repeated Exposure to… (IMPORT) (CD)

Limited edition of only 1000 copies on CD.

Here's the 2016 full-length by the excellent Greek heavy psych-rock band. The music features big amps, downtuned guitars, groovier-than-life drum parts and some of the band's best vocals to date. Suitable for fans of '70s Sabbathic rock and the '90s heavy rock movement.

Price: $22.99
1000mods - Vultures (IMPORT) (CD) Cover Art 1000mods - Vultures (IMPORT) (CD)

1000 Mods strike back! 'Super Van Vacation' paved the way for their 2014 album 'Vultures', a record that is highly addictive much like a shot of pure psychedelic/heavy rock.

Price: $22.99
Acid Witch - Witchtanic Hellucinations (CD) Cover Art Acid Witch - Witchtanic Hellucinations (CD)

Acid Witch plays a very trippy, psychedelic and unsurprisingly horror influenced form of doom metal. Yet it's delivered with such unabashed childishness and goofiness, a possible result of what the Scoody Doo cartoon theme would sound like if Electric Wizard had penned it. You'll find elements of Cathedral here, some Witchfinder General there, and some slight nods to Pentagram. Add to that some of Electric Wizard's ultra bassy, fuzzy, and distorted guitar tone and booming production values. Like other traditional doom metal albums the riffs and rhythm patterns move in a lumbering and lurching fashion yet somehow the Witchsters inject some nice doses of sensual grooves that recall 70's Deep Purple. During various listening sessions I felt like I was inside Satan's smoke filled strip club watching strippers complete with horns and cloven hooves gyrating their lovely tail clad asses for the merriment of us sinners and then suddenly I somehow realized that perhaps hell isn't really a bad place after all.

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Price: $15.99
Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell - Keep it Greasy (IMPORT) (CD) Cover Art Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell - Keep it Greasy (IMPORT) (CD)

There is no brash egotism at play here, just a rough-and-ready honesty which permeates in what these three guys do. Their songs haven't washed in weeks, far too busy spinning crackling Budgie vinyls, knackered Motörhead live albums played at a sluggish RPM and snorting self-inflammatories to do anything hygienic.

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Aqua Nebula Oscillator - Spiritus Mundi (IMPORT) (LP) Cover Art Aqua Nebula Oscillator - Spiritus Mundi (IMPORT) (LP)

Wig-outs, freak-outs, and tripped-and-fuzzed-out rock ‘n’ roll with a devilish temper is excepted. However, in keeping with the band’s enigmatic persona, Aqua Nebula Oscillator has pulled a sinister swerve on its latest album, Spiritus Mundi. The heads down motorik psychosis, dark psychedelia, and third-eye channeling rock is still here. But, Aqua Nebula Oscillator decided a change of venue was required for the recording of Spiritus Mundi, so it exited the underground and headed into the middle of the Pyrénées Mountains to track the album in an eerie villa. That change in elevation sees Spiritus Mundi having a corresponding lift, and more of an eclectic temper, and while the 11 tracks within still range across the acid-rock spectrum, they don’t dive quite as deep into the caverns as on previous releases.

The phantasmagorical rock of old is still present, and while Aqua Nebula Oscillator explores more illuminated landscapes—looking down on humanity rather than gazing up at it from the catacombs—it still finds plenty of grim sights to behold. There’s been a subsequent expansion of the band’s sonic arsenal along the way, with more varied use of electric and acoustic guitars, keyboards, voices, and off-kilter rhythms, but they’re all still wrapped around delightfully eldritch echoes, distortions, and oscillations. The most notable element to Spiritus Mundi, is that the propulsion of the past has shifted down, into a lower gear. Previously, the band’s songs were like thrashing nightmares, but overall, Spiritus Mundi is more akin to having your brain slowly baked by fevered delirium.

Still, given that Aqua Nebula Oscillator is inspired by the notion of parallel dimensions, it’s all rather fitting that it’s chosen to follow a different, though no less unhinged, pathway into the shadowy realms. It might well be an altered approach from the band, and there are changes afoot on Spiritus Mundi, but the album still provides all the required quivers and shakes. The band’s string-shredding ‘70s stomp is still here on the album’s hardest tracks, and the eccentricity within is still obviously set on blowing minds. In the end, that sense of boiling the psyche in a kettle of kaleidoscopic sounds is ever-present, and that ensures Spiritus Mundi remains a heavy dose of hallucinogenic rock ‘n’ roll.

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Arctic - Self Titled (CD) Cover Art Arctic - Self Titled (CD)

Arctic is a California power trio steeped in the roots of early 70's blues/psych, ala Blue Cheer and Band of Gypsies, while drawing elements of modern heavy, reminiscent of early Sleep. Heavy, sludgy, stoner psych played with a slow, driving energy. The band features 3 pro skaters, Figgy on guitar, Frecks on drums and Nuge on bass. S/T is their first release but they have already been on several tours, tied in with their skating, which has brought them to Europe and South Africa as part of Thrasher's Skate Rock Tour. Figgy also plays guitar in Harsh Toke (Tee Pee Records) Features incredible cover art from Arik Roper, the man behind Sleep's Dopesmoker, High on Fire, and many more. For fans of Earthless, Harsh Toke, Sleep and Jimi Hendrix.

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Astra - The Black Chord (CD) Cover Art Astra - The Black Chord (CD)

If 2009’s debut hinted at the power and grace of their vision, then The Black Chord is perhaps the full realization of their spellbinding prowess. Like a Meddle-era ‘Floyd supercharged by a Mahavishnu-intensity not seen for eons, The Black Chord is an album of blinding light and abysmal shade, of bone-jarring rhythmic density and vast, breathtaking mental vistas: nothing less than an epic journey through the outer reaches of musical possibility tinged by an elegance and knowingness that suggests a creative maturity beyond the members’ collective years.

Therein lies their redemption, because this is a record at home in 1972 as it is in 2012. Think wailing guitars and dulcet harmonies thickened by Mellotrons and given hypnotic qualities by the kind of drumming that borders on the shamanic. Cinematic in scope but frequently yielding to a kind of melodic fragility that can only be the product of genuine emotion, The Black Chord’s musical ebb and flow prove Astra to be a band’s band capable of an artistry all-too-rare among their generation, and it’s a sound to behold.

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Bang - Music & Lost Singles (IMPORT) (CD) Cover Art Bang - Music & Lost Singles (IMPORT) (CD)

A reissue of the 1973 album by BANG, the reunited Philadelphia-based doom metal forerunners. The band was founded in August 1969, a week or two after Woodstock, by 16-year-old high school dropouts Frank Ferrera (vocals, bass) and Frank Gilcken (guitar), who swiftly recruited the 26-year-old Tony Diorio (drums). BANG was ready to become the next big thing in 1972, but things didn't work out as desired. The trio disbanded in sheer frustration in 1974, leaving behind a handful of albums, which by now have gained serious cult status.

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Banquet - Jupiter Rose (IMPORT) (CD) Cover Art Banquet - Jupiter Rose (IMPORT) (CD)

The debut album by a '70s influenced, retro rockin' fuzz-psych quartet from San Francisco. Banquet is one of the bands of the current Californian scene, also including a.o. Earthless, Hot Lunch, Wild Eyes, Joy and Loom. Featuring ripping lead guitars, howling vocals and a rhythm section that can make a pregnant woman's water break, this album offers the perfect soundtrack for a biker who wants to travel the US from coast to coast.

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Price: $9.99
Black Pussy - Magic Mustache (CD) Cover Art Black Pussy - Magic Mustache (CD)

On “Magic Mustache” there is no broadening of the genre or anything like that, just 45 minutes of solid stoner rock that gets stratospheric when the time is right. The biggest draw to “Magic Mustache” is how the band has executed their craft. They didn’t set out to reinvent the wheel, all they waned to do was refurbish a classic car and have done so beautifully. The combination of heavy grooves, spacey jams, catchy choruses, and coming across as though its second nature make this album so remarkable.

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