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Abdullah - Graveyard Poetry (IMPORT) (LP) Cover Art Abdullah - Graveyard Poetry (IMPORT) (LP)

Limited Edition on black vinyl. Deluxe gatefold sleeve!

Abdullah has truly outdone themselves this time. If you have liked these cats in the past, then you will love this album. It's got all the great hooks and melodies that are Abdullah- but this is one louder and better. If you like classic rock/doom or metal of any sort and haven't gotten into these guys then this is a good time. This release surpasses many out this year on all sorts of levels. I am hooked.

They’ve outdone themselves this time. Graveyard Poetry is filled with lots of diversity – a few swirling psychedelics, hooks that grab you and won’t let go and crunching and bluesy guitar work – it’s loud, heavy, rocking songs but the doooooom is also still in full effect. This is a flawlessly produced album, full of energy, and the tracks flow nicely into each other.

Picture heads-down, take-no-prisoners, mid-'70s thunderboogie rolling thick and fast while some shirtless, long haired grunge god lays down impassioned cautionary tales of fleeting indulgences and the rocky seas ahead like an electric preacher in the Church of the Holy Freakout, and you've pretty much nailed this smooth ride. It's freedom rock for panicky days and restless nights and it's quite clearly the best album of it's kind since Trouble's classic '92 dope dream "Manic Frustration".

Price: 40,000 pts
Acid King - Busse Woods (CD) Cover Art Acid King - Busse Woods (CD)

Acid King's long-awaited new cd makes a definitive statement of heaviness that more than makes up for their small number of releases. Interesting then, how this enormously dark and heavy cd is characterized by its laid back feel. There is no angst and bombast here just super large fuzz riffs unfurled with taste and atmosphere... Just put on Busse (pronounced buss-ee) Woods and find out what she can do.

Acid King gets better every release. Their 97 split with Altamont contains one of the most massively oppressive doom instrumentals ever in "Phase II" and their latest `BUSSE WOODS` is my favorite Man`s Ruin release of all time.

Price: 25,000 pts
Acid King/Altamont - Split CD (CD) Cover Art Acid King/Altamont - Split CD (CD)

The songs from both out-of-print Man's Ruin 10"s. Dark, slow, slithering, strangely hypnotic, ACID KING merges the fuzz of stoner-rock with the mood of doom, and demolishes any qualms about the apocalypse with the throaty condemning vocals of Lori S. Joseph. ALTAMONT is southern-fried stoner rock featuring The Melvins' Dale Crover.

ACID KING gets better every release. Their 97 split with Altamont contains one of the most massively oppressive doom instrumentals ever in "Phase II" and their latest `Busse Woods` is my favorite Man`s Ruin release of all time.

Price: 20,000 pts
Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell - Don`t Hear It... Fear It! (with Bonus 7 inch) (Color) (IMPORT) (LP) Cover Art Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell - Don't Hear It... Fear It! (with Bonus 7 inch) (Color) (IMPORT) (LP)

Limited edition of only 300 copies on purple vinyl. Includes a purple 7 inch!

This band decided to name themselves after a British Naval officer who lived in the 17th and 18th centuries. Their band name had me thinking of Sir Lord Baltimore. The sound isn't exactly the same as that, but it's in the ballpark or at least the right era. Fuzzy, psychedelic tinged proto-metal is the sound that's at the core of Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell's madness. Think the usual suspects like Sabbath and Deep Purple, but also Budgie (that may explain the cover too), Dust, Buffalo and others from that late 60's-to early 70's period when playing heavy music was still in its early stages and these bands were pioneers still figuring out hold to mold and control these sounds. This band captures that raw spirit, and despite having definite influences they still channel their music in such a way that you feel like you experiencing this style for the first time.

When I am given a promo copy of a band entitled Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell with a photo of a man in a giant red chicken head on the cover, I tend to take notice. My first impression was, “Oh my God! Are you having a laugh?” But once Don’t Hear It…Fear It! started spinning I was hooked! What can you say about the album? The band is a throwback to some trippy 70s vibe. The guitars are distorted. The bass guitar is totally in your face. The tone is heavy. The drumming is bombastic. It's got this slow burn southern rock thing happening. Some of the songs are even bluesy with a rock overtone. The only thing missing is the crisp and crackle of needle on vinyl.

Everything about Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell’s Don’t Hear It… Fear It! is hot! If you are driving in your car down the highway or sitting in traffic on the I95 or M25 this is the album you want spinning. If you are kicked back lounging by yourself or have a few mates over for a BBQ this is the album you want blasting. If you are knee deep in a first person shooter on your XBOX360… oh yesh, you want this album cranked!

Price: 38,000 pts
Aldebaran - Dwellers in Twilight (Red) (IMPORT) (LP) Cover Art Aldebaran - Dwellers in Twilight (Red) (IMPORT) (LP)

Limited edition of only 120 copies on red vinyl!

Aldebaran's approach to the sludge aesthetic is... epic and similar to how Sleep, Yob and Buried at Sea perceive "heavy.” Aldebaran build hypnotic dirges with their thick riffs, pounding away and carrying each song, then out of nowhere a sinisterly planted change throws the piece into a whole new direction, creating more opportunities for them to kill you off.

Slow, down-tuned heaviness somewhere between Yob and Bongzilla with extra harsh snarly vocals.

This LP has a major Asunder influence and that is definitely a good thing.

Price: 55,000 pts
Antique Scream - The Chronicles of Dirty Dick (Color) (7 inch) Cover Art Antique Scream - The Chronicles of Dirty Dick (Pink) (7 inch)

Limited edition of only 100 hand numbered copies on pink vinyl. Includes a CD-R of the album and a download card.

Seattle’s Antique Scream rock and roll their asses off on this hot little platter of vinyl. These 2 brand new tracks of smokin’ hot stoner fried rock will make any fan of Queens of the Stone Age or AC/DC sweat right through their pants.

Price: 11,000 pts
Astroqueen - Rufus the Space Agent (IMPORT) (7 inch) Cover Art Astroqueen - Rufus the Space Agent (IMPORT) (7 inch)

Limited edition of only 200 copies!

TAstroqueen knows what cruisy spaced-out fuzz rock is all about. If you think you know what a fat riff is, but you've never heard any Astroqueen songs, then you better get your own copy of Rufus the Space Agent and set yourself straight. These four boys from Sweden officially produce some of the fattest, grooviest and fuzziest riffs EVER! But that's not all. Daniel's vocals are totally unique and compliment the Astroqueen fuzzy-guitar vibe perfectly! The Astroqueen sound would fit perfectly as the soundtrack to some B-movie made in the 60s about 50 foot aliens invading earth and shrinking all the women. Or better yet the soundtrack to a Russ Myer movie like Valley of the Dolls! Somehow they pull this spaced-out B-movie vibe off without using excessive effects or weird samples and I think that is what makes their overall sound so great and so genuine. Hey, what can I say Astroqueen rules!

Price: 10,000 pts
Asva - Self Titled (LP) Cover Art Asva - Self Titled (LP)

Limited edition of only 500 hand numbered copies!

G. Stuart Dahlquist (SunnO))), Burning Witch), B.R.A.D. (Burning Witch, Master Musicians of Bukkake, Apes of Wrath), and for this release Dylan Carlson (Earth). Side One is an eerie and haunting drone song, originally conceived for a horror movie soundtrack and featuring avant-violinist Eyvind Kang. Ominous tones, far out vocals, swarming locust and dreaded cave guitars, and droning organs designed to induce paranoia and fear. Side two features a live song thus far only played on the group’s last US tour with the entire Asva lineup on board. Jessika’s "witch being dragged to the burning pyre" vocals are in full freak-out mode, as crushing slow riffs and thundering percussion make this one intense spine-chilling event.

Price: 28,000 pts
Atomic Rooster - Death Walks Behind You (IMPORT) (LP) Cover Art Atomic Rooster - Death Walks Behind You (IMPORT) (LP)

Original artwork, gatefold sleeve, 180 gram vinyl.

Originally released in 1970 on the B&C­Label this is their best album and made the UK Top 20 including their Top 20 UK hit singles "Tomorrow Night" und "Death Walks Behind You". Original artwork, gatefold sleeve 180 gram vinyl.

Price: 48,000 pts
Atomic Rooster - In Hearing Of (IMPORT) (2LP) Cover Art Atomic Rooster - In Hearing Of (IMPORT) (2LP)

Original artwork, gatefold sleeve, 180 gram vinyl.

Originally released in 1971 on Pegasus. Their 3rd album that many consider their finest see the addition of vocalist Pete French (formerly of the US band Cactus). Featuring as bonus tracks their B&C single "Devil´s Answer" and lots of live cuts from a rare 1972 show at the Paris Theatre in London. Original Artwork. Gatefold Sleeve. 180 gram vinyl.

Price: 60,000 pts