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5R6 - Islands (IMPORT) (CD) Cover Arts 5R6 - Islands (IMPORT) (CD)

Don't be fooled by Ukrainian 5R6's debut album 'Islands', since it starts with a calm 2-minute song called 'The Ledge'. After that "intro", 'Islands' bursts into a style of prog metal that owes some of its more intense moments to thrash, but is no less comfortable proffering post-grunge harmonies. This debut is the type of album that grows on you with each listen. Full of wonder and eeriness, it is quite the experience to behold and one worth taking. Turn off the lights, close your eyes, and let the music take you away to another world.

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Celophys - Ammonite (IMPORT) (CD) Cover Arts Celophys - Ammonite (IMPORT) (CD)

A guitar/drum duo based in Cherkasy, Ukraine, Celophys issues its third full length. 'Ammonite' brings a noteworthy sense of lumbering across its mostly-extended seven tracks. The music features melting slow-grind sludge riffing with deadly growls, drumless drones, snail-pace intensity, feedback, massive tonality and a plodding groove.

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Ethereal Riffian - I Am. Deathless (IMPORT) (CD) Cover Arts Ethereal Riffian - I Am. Deathless (IMPORT) (CD)

Ukrainian riff mongers Ethereal Riffian release 'I AM. Deathless'. The EP consists of two similar compositions, which complement each other. The musicians create a atmosphere that gets more and more intense, with a juicy multi-instrument sound. 'I AM. Deathless' seems to be an illusion, some short-term phenomenon, which disappears, but leaves a residue. Expect a psychedelic/stoner lump of emotions that's spiritual and aesthetic.

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Soom - Night on the Meadow (IMPORT) (CD) Cover Arts Soom - Night on the Meadow (IMPORT) (CD)

The debut from Ukrainian doomers SOOM contains vicious, filthy, low-tuned, shake-the-fucking-ground doom'n'sludge metal, with material based on Ukrainian mysticism, folk-music and hypnotic rhythms. Sometimes the riff is just good... and sometimes it is scary good, enter SOOM.

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Various Artists - Electric Funeral Cafe Vol. 3 (IMPORT) (3CD) Cover Arts Various Artists - Electric Funeral Cafe Vol. 3 (IMPORT) (3CD)

This limited edition release includes stickerpack and a download code.

An outstanding compilation featuring some of the finest names from the stoner/psychedelic/sludge scene. Spread over 3½ hours, here are tracks from 41 bands from nine different countries, presented on three CD's in a deluxe digipack. Amongst the bands are Eternal Elysium, Lucifer Rising, Contra, Dreadnought and many others.

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Fu Manchu - California Crossing (Red/Yellow/Blue) (Deluxe Edition) (3LP) Cover Art Fu Manchu - California Crossing (Red/Yellow/Blue) (Deluxe Edition) (3LP)

Specially remastered for vinyl, triple album comprehensive reissue. On red, yellow and blue colored vinyl, deluxe gatefold sleeve.

The first LP has never been previously released and is comprised of the original demos that were written for this album. The songs "Foot Down and Low", "Go For It" and "The Answer Lies" have never been re-recorded or released on any subsequent album. LP2 is the pre-production demo version of the entire original album, including "Planet Of The Ape Hangers," which was only released on the Japanese version of the album. The third LP is the 2002 Mammoth Records album newly remastered specifically for this vinyl only release.

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Contra - Deny Everything (IMPORT) (CD) Cover Art Contra - Deny Everything (IMPORT) (CD)

CONTRA was formed as an instrumental 3-piece by former SOFA KING KILLER guitarist, Chris Chiera, and ex- RUE drummer, Aaron Brittain. After briefly playing together in another local outfit, they sought to start their own band and enlisted the aid of SO LONG ALBATROSS bassist, Adam Horwatt. Except rather than just having a bassist, the band decided on a different approach and adopted a two guitarist format, albeit with Adam playing 4-string baritone guitar. CONTRA quickly wrote and recorded the "Son of Beast" demo and began a steady schedule of playing to great acclaim locally. However, CONTRA wanted to add another layer to their potent mix of metal, blues, rock, and sludge by asking vocalist Larry Brent to join their ranks. Larry had previously contributed vocals to local hardcore stalwarts DON AUSTIN, THE UNHOLY THREE, and SPLINTER, in addition to the Laughing Hyenas-influenced HATCHET JOB. After only three shows, Larry began recording vocals to eight of the ten tracks of what will be CONTRA's debut album. " Their brand of doom metal and stoner rock bears the marks of twisted barbed wire and the grease of abandoned factories. If Orange Goblin were to spend a week dining on Ohio sludge and wash it all down with a tall glass of gravel, you'd get something approaching the grittiness and groove of Contra. Just add a side of those delicious, bluesy southern riffs and, by god, you've got the feast of champions." (Doomed and Stoned.com) "This record is nasty and gnarly enough to be lapped up by sludge fans who are sworn to the genre's fuck you coda but with an open, arid approach to blues and classic rock n' roll that's associated with the stoner rock n' rollers that stick by the 70s style. It's a deranged blending of the two that hits right between the eyes, creating a very complete listen devoid of fluff and filler."

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Candlemass - Epicus Doomicus Metallicus (Re-issue) (Red) (IMPORT) (LP) Cover Art Candlemass - Epicus Doomicus Metallicus (Re-issue) (Red) (IMPORT) (LP)

Limited edition on red colored vinyl. Deluxe gatefold sleeve.

Candlemass was formed by bassist and songwriter Leif Edling in Stockholm, Sweden in 1984, and is well known for its epic doom metal, having a great influence over a generation of the genre's subsequent greats - Candlemass themselves taking a large influence from Black Sabbath.

'Epicus Doomicus Metallicus' is a true classic. Every track is undeniably strong - heavy metal riffs blended with almost neo-classical touches, plus some theatrical elements bringing to mind bands like Mercyful Fate (thought to be another influence). This is one of the definitive Doom Metal releases, immortalising the band, alongside early developers of the style such as the US band, Pentagram.

'Epicus' was recorded at Thunderload Studios in 1986 and was released later that same year. The vocals for this, their debut album, were handled by Johan Längqvist, before the iconic vocalist Messiah Marcolin became a solid fixture in the band until the early nineties.

Candlemass instantly became a great inspiration to countless metal bands upon the album's release in 1986; a time when thrash metal, not doom, was fast becoming the dominant style in both Europe and the US. Bands such as Paradise Lost & My Dying Bride rate the album very highly to this day - Paradise Lost particularly ranking 'Epicus' among their favourite albums ever.

This vinyl edition of 'Epicus' comes on red 180gsm vinyl with black & white labels. The gatefold sleeve features the original artwork (red text & skull not white as on the CD) on a matt laminated sleeve with logo & text on front in spot varnish. It will also include new sleeve notes written by the band.

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Candlemass - Ancient Dreams (Re-issue) (Black) (IMPORT) (2LP) Cover Art Candlemass - Ancient Dreams (Re-issue) (Black) (IMPORT) (2LP)

Limited edition on black vinyl. Deluxe gatefold sleeve.

Every once in a while you run into a record you can't help but like, no matter how hard you try not to. Ancient Dreams is the best Candlemass album, and is a landmark doom recording that few bands have ever managed to match. The only reason I decided to write this up in the first place was to reinforce the correct notion that this record is essential. Candlemass is one of the greatest doom bands ever to walk the earth, and this is their pinnacle recording. If you don't already have it, you should. If you do, pop it in right now and bang your head a few dozen times to remind yourself how much it rules.

Tracks filled with great doom riffs, guitar solo's from Lars Johanssen and the majestic vocals of Messiah. The production isn't that heavy compared to 'Epicus...' or 'Nightfall', but the songs really make up for it. If you're a fan of melodic doom, this record is essential.

Getting this (after nursing a failing cassette for 15 years) was like getting an old friend back, as I still know every song by heart, note for note. A lot of people claim that "Nightfall" was the best Candlemass record, but every song here gives that the lie. Songwriting, production and lyrical wizardry all come together to make this, bar none, the best doom metal album ever.The sound, while supposedly so bad that the band begged for a remix, is thick and heavy, and the remaster has punched it up to a modern gloss quite nicely. From the first tolling riff I can't help but bang my head like a mongoloid while I sing along with the almighty Messiah Marcolin. There is not a single weak track on the album, no matter what anyone, even the band themselves, may claim. "Ancient Dreams" is an album I have loved for 15 years, and I enjoy it as much, or more, than I did when I was 16. The first four Candlemass albums remain essential classics and this is the best one.

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Candlemass - Tales of Creation (Re-issue) (IMPORT) (LP) Cover Art Candlemass - Tales of Creation (Re-issue) (IMPORT) (LP)

Limited edition on black vinyl.

Candlemass was formed by bassist and songwriter Leif Edling in Stockholm, Sweden in 1984, well known for their epic doom metal, they have hugely influenced a generation of the genre's subsequent greats - Candlemass themselves taking a large influence from Black Sabbath.

"Tales of Creation" was Candlemass's fourth album, originally released in 1989. The album was produced by Mats Lindfors and Candlemass and was recorded at Stockholm Recording studios. This release sees Messiah Marcolin (handling vocal duties for the final time on a Candlemass album), alongside composer & long-standing member Leif Edling, create a stunning soundscape of epic atmosphere and melodic passages - a continued progression from these undisputed pioneers of the scene.

Candlemass consistently build upon their Sabbath inspired foundations set on the debut album from 1986; this album even containing a reworking of "Under the Oak" from said album, and the release concludes what many regard as the finest period for the band, spanning four albums of extremely high quality doom.

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