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The Monkeywrench - Goes Round Comes Round (LP) Cover Art Monkeywrench, The - Goes Round Comes Round (LP)

Limited edition on black vinyl. This one has a 3D front and back cover with custom ‘The Monkeywrench’ glasses, also includes free download code.

'Goes Round Comes Round' marks the first release for The Monkeywrench since 2008! The original tracks were recorded live at the Crocodile in Seattle (which marked their first show in 15 years!). They were then brought into the studio for additional recording and mixing. Mastered by John McBain (Monster Magnet, The Wellwater Conspiracy).

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Drive by Wire - The Whole Shebang (IMPORT) (CD) Cover Art Drive by Wire - The Whole Shebang (IMPORT) (CD)

Drive By Wire offer an intriguing and unique mixture of fuzz-laiden Desert/Stoner Rock grooves and trippy, hazy vocals of Simone Holsbeek. A trip through the dusty desolate desert landscape, the swampy river delta, home to the band, 70's psychedelica, but also heavier themes inspired by t the harsh reality of life and struggle with personal demons. Drive By Wire manages to distill these inspirations into a warm organic sound with the urgency and dynamics of 90's grunge (Soundgarden, Alice in Chains), the sensuality of PJ Harvey and the deliciously heavy psychedelic fuzz grooves of 70's bands such as Black Sabbath.

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Red Beard Wall - Self Titled (IMPORT) (CD) Cover Art Red Beard Wall - Self Titled (IMPORT) (CD)

Red Beard Wall was born on the dry, windswept plains of West Texas, at the culmination of 2016. Formed out of a desire to channel his angst, and frustration with the insane reality that surrounds us. With a hyper focus on heavy, hooky, and to the point songs. Riffs with devastatingly heavy tones, vocals melodies that soar, alongside blistering screams of disillusionment. Influenced by amazing bands such as, Floor, Helmet, Conan, Yob, Pallbearer, Baroness, and countless others.

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Crackhouse - Self Titled EP (CD EP) Cover Art Crackhouse - Self Titled EP (CD EP)

Formed in Tours (France) by the hands of Jean-Baptiste Carton, Simon Morlec and Guillaume Vailant, Crackhouse are authors of a stunning Sludge Doom highly influenced by a Progressive attitude with massive Stoner sonorities. Made of two long songs for a total running time of twenty minutes, this ep is an incredible work where influences from DOPETHRONE, SUMA and BONGRIPPER collides at best. CD ep limited edition to 500 copies worldwide. Recommended if you like: DOPETHRONE, SUMA, BONGRIPPER.

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Hollow Leg - Crown (Murder Edition) (IMPORT) (CD) Cover Art Hollow Leg - Crown (Murder Edition) (IMPORT) (CD)

Reissue with two bonus tracks of the third album by Floridian Sludge Doomsters HOLLOW LEG, "Crown" is a beast made of Southern Heavy grooves, Sludge approach blended to the always good Stoner Doom tradition. Mixed by Sanford Parker (CORRECTIONS HOUSE) and mastered by Collin Jordan (MINSK), this is highly recommended if you like HIGH ON FIRE, CROWBAR and SOURVEIN.

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Elephant Bell - Gates of Dawn (IMPORT) (CD) Cover Art Elephant Bell - Gates of Dawn (IMPORT) (CD)

Being part of the second wave of Stoner Rock movement had its highlights. Lots of cool bands like Dozer, Lowrider, Greenleaf, QotSA, Unida, Devillac and new friends, songs and gigs and beers and fun. After releasing a few EPs and playing a few dozen gigs, ELEPHANT BELL felt ready to record their first album. It was recorded by the band themselves and finally released in digital format in 2011. The album was received very well around the world but it never got a proper release. Being part of the third wave of Stoner Rock has its perks too; lots of new friends and bands and labels. And the still lingering interest towards Elephant Bell. So, the band decided to re-mix and master the album and add two previously unreleased songs from the album sessions to it and release it as a proper release. Recommended if you like: MONSTER MAGNET, FU MANCHU, SOUNDGARDEN

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Green Meteor - Consumed by a Dying Sun (IMPORT) (CD) Cover Art Green Meteor - Consumed by a Dying Sun (IMPORT) (CD)

Sonic space warriors GREEN METEOR hail from the garbage asteroid known as Philadelphia. Their sound was formed in a space vacuum that managed to escape in 2015 and find its way to the stage 2016. The cosmic tribe was formed by Algar-a two wheeled space cowboy fueled by black hole bass fallout, 2T-a highly advanced killing machine turned drummer and space sound database, Amy-a moon Valkyrie mastered in the art of crushing sonic sound, and Leta-a shamanic space cheetah. Together they complete the space ritual known as Green Meteor. Fuzz-saturated rhythms and cosmic soundscapes are charged with melodic vocals to create the perfect sonic accompaniment to Green Meteor's live visual experience. Recommended if you like: WINDHAND, BONGZILLA, ACID KING, HAWKWIND

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Kynesis - Pandora (IMPORT) (CD) Cover Art Kynesis - Pandora (IMPORT) (CD)

Kynesis was born in Turin in 2016 from a previous project ashes, moved by the will to search a different and innovative sound getting ideas from bands as like Cult of Luna, Pink Floyd, My Dying Bride, Deftones, Mogwai, Isis. The project has collaborated with various musician from Turin; today the voice is by Ivan Di Vincenzo, who shares with Luca Braga the guitarist role, rhythmic section consists of Giacomo Grillone on bass and Fabio Losano on drums. In 2014, after releasing a live CD, the band works on drafting the first full album "Kali Yuga", critically acclaimed for eclectic sounds. New album "Pandora" is about the Greek myth and then transpose it to the present day, using the theme of hope as thread, told through decadent tunes, dilated times and Italian lyrics. Recommended if you like: CULT OF LUNA, DEFTONES, MY DYING BRIDE

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From Ocean to Autumn - Ether/Return to Earth (IMPORT) (2CD) Cover Art From Ocean to Autumn - Ether/Return to Earth (IMPORT) (2CD)

North Carolina based outfit FROM OCEANS TO AUTUMN return after their last album "A Perfect Dawn" of 2013. Being a perfect blend of Post Rock / Ambient and Instrumental Post Metal sonorities, this will be a massive effort by the band, a stunning double album where huge landscapes typical of a band as JAKOB meets the impressive "wall of sound" of ROSETTA. Ether/Return to Earth is a sound experience where ethereal and dreamlike atmosphere of the first part is in opposition to the darker and "otherworldly" feel of the second one. Recommended if you like: JAKOB, ROSETTA, PINK FLOYD

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Melvins - A Walk with Love and Death (Color) (2LP) Cover Art Melvins - A Walk with Love and Death (Color) (2LP)

Two Gatefolds, Two LPs, one colored pink and one colored violet Audio download card, housed inside a box.

The Melvins return with a double album, A Walk With Love and Death, on July 7 via Ipecac Recordings.

The dual albums find the trio of Buzz Osborne, Dale Crover and Steve McDonald showcasing two distinct sides to the band’s music: Death, a proper Melvins’ release and Love, the score to the Jesse Nieminen directed, self-produced short also titled A Walk With Love and Death. A release date for the short has not been announced yet.

“This was a huge undertaking,” explained band ringleader Buzz Osborne. “All three things: the album, the soundtrack and the film are benchmarks for us.”

Drummer Dale Crover added, “A Walk With Love and Death is one giant, dark, moody, psychotic head trip! Not for the faint of heart. You'll sleep with the lights on after listening.”

The albums, which include guests Joey Santiago (The Pixies), Teri Gender Bender (Le Butcherettes/Crystal Fairy) and Anna Waronker (That Dog), were self-produced with engineer Toshi Kosai.

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