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Cambrian Explosion - The Moon (IMPORT) (LP)
Cambrian Explosion - The Moon (IMPORT) (LP) Cover Art
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Price: $23.99

Origin: Germany
Released: 1/27/2017

Availability: Unavailable (Archived)
Product Code: ATH-11968

Limited edition of only 300 copies on black vinyl.

They call themselves the cosmic sorcerers from Portland. Nori Lockhart, Ben Dorothy, Derrin Twiford and Archie Heald together form Cambrian Explosion and play a cool mix of stoner and psychedelic rock. After they released a brilliant debut EP called 'The Sun' in 2013, 'The Moon' EP is the logical next step. And with its almost 40 minutes in length, 'The Moon' is closer to a full-length than 'The Sun'.