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Asva - Self Titled (LP)
Asva - Self Titled (LP) Cover Art
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Price: 28,000 pts

Origin: USA
Released: 2005

Product Code: HRLPP-3037

Limited edition of only 500 hand numbered copies!

G. Stuart Dahlquist (SunnO))), Burning Witch), B.R.A.D. (Burning Witch, Master Musicians of Bukkake, Apes of Wrath), and for this release Dylan Carlson (Earth). Side One is an eerie and haunting drone song, originally conceived for a horror movie soundtrack and featuring avant-violinist Eyvind Kang. Ominous tones, far out vocals, swarming locust and dreaded cave guitars, and droning organs designed to induce paranoia and fear. Side two features a live song thus far only played on the group’s last US tour with the entire Asva lineup on board. Jessika’s "witch being dragged to the burning pyre" vocals are in full freak-out mode, as crushing slow riffs and thundering percussion make this one intense spine-chilling event.
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