Loyalty Points Program

Every time you make a purchase at All That is Heavy, you'll receive loyalty points based on your purchase amount. It's a great way to save money or reduce shipping costs on a future order. Or even better, let your points accumulate over time and then spend them in our Rare Records Loyalty Points Store. It's also great for us because it's a fun and effective way to say "Thank you for your loyalty over the years! We sincerely appreciate it!"

Here's how it works:

  1. Earn 50 points for every dollar that you spend.
  2. Redeem your points in store credit -or- save them up and spend them at our Rare Records Loyalty Points Store.
  3. Registering for a customer account is required in order to accumulate rewards points. No rewards points will be applied to orders that are placed without being logged in to an associated customer account.
  4. Once you've placed your order and it has shipped, your loyalty points will be redeemable as soon as you have accumulated 5,000 points. You only have to spend $100 (total) to accumulate 5,000 points.
  5. If you have accumulated any points they will be displayed below and in your customer account.
  6. Loyalty points never expire. As long as you can login to your customer account they will be there for you to redeem (according to the terms outlined on this page).
  7. To redeem your points as store credit simply enter the total amount (in points) you'd like to redeem below. Rewards points are converted to store credit at a rate of $10 per 5,000 points.
  8. When you're done, a confirmation will be sent to your email address.
  9. You're now ready to save on your next purchase. Once you have redeemed your points they will automatically be deducted from the total purchase amount on your next order.
  10. Something to be aware of: Your points will not be applied to your account until your order has been shipped.
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