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Altar of Plagues - Tides (IMPORT) (CD)
Altar of Plagues - Tides (IMPORT) (CD) Cover Art
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Origin: Netherlands
Released: 2010

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Product Code: ATH-7857


Irelandís Altar of Plagues produced perhaps 2009ís best black metal debut album in the shape of the excellent White Tomb. Drawing on obvious influences like Wolves in the Throne Room, it achieved distinctive results with its rich textures and expanses of desolate blackened ambience, which were allowed to mingle with elements thrown in from leftfield (Watchers Restrainedís Khanate homage springs to mind). Tides picks up where that left off fairly seamlessly (though you wonít find anything quite as unexpected as avant-drone here), and those who wallowed in its melancholy atmosphere will find this as comfortable and unchallenging as a pair of old slippers.