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Bad Acid - Tab 6 (DVD/Zine) (IMPORT) (DVD) Cover Art Bad Acid - Tab 6 (DVD/Zine) (IMPORT) (DVD)

Cover art by Malleus Rock Art Lab!

This DVD, MP3, magazine features over an hour of DVD material, 11 hours of MP3 tracks, and a 60+ page DVD case size magazine.

The DVD features interviews with Orange Goblin, Alan Dubin (Gnaw, Khanate, Old), Fire Witch and Taint! Also featured in the DVD section is Ogre, Wicked Minds, Northwinds and Lento!!

Audio section includes Acid King, Capricorns, Danava, Deer Creek, Earthling Society?Hey Colossus, Hotel Wrecking City Traders, Humanfly, Kalas, Litmus, Merca, Moss, Orange Sunshine, Queen Elephantine, Radio Moscow, Raw Radar War, Terraplane and the White Hills (just to name a few!).

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Bad Acid - Tab 8 (DVD/Zine) (IMPORT) (DVD) Cover Art Bad Acid - Tab 8 (DVD/Zine) (IMPORT) (DVD)

Printed magazine: In-depth reviews of all featured audio and DVD bands, plus fanzine reviews and interviews with: Areknames, Blue Sabbath Black Cheer, Queen Elephantine. Front cover by Soph Willett/CreativeEyelidsDesign (Alunah/Catacomb Recs).

DVD featuring: Promo videos by Beehoover, White Hills/Dan McGuire, Fflint Records, My3yeah. Live footage by Acid King, Dragged Into Sunlight, J'm'en Fous Rise To Thunder, Spancer. Short films by Contanimation, Tekknorg.

Over 12 hours of MP3s featuring 5ive, Almandino Not Quite Delux, Gravanzia, Happymeal, Dead Daughter, Zu, Antikoreshi, Electric Mud Generator, Mynationshit, Areknames, Bastard Of The Skies, Dreaming, Oresund Space Collective, Berkowitz Lake & Dahmer, Panzram Division, Remesh, Hollowing/Maor Appelbaum, Blue Sabbath Black Cheer, Beyond Terror Beyond Grace, Magnolia, B*tong, Barr, Eramal, Gnod, Gorse, Outrageous Cherry, Harvey Milk, Revok, Hybrid, Union Of Sleep, Kenji Siratori, Oxbow, A Fashionable Disease, Trollmann Av Ildtopberg, Long Pig, Pathology, Malachia, Alix, Chimora, Millions, The Mirimar Disaster, Swamp Donkey, Moss, Drug Honkey, Nosmaus, Skull Defekts, Pysychofagist, Burmese, Cadaver Eyes, Queen Elephantine, RJ Shrey, Treachery, Serpentina Satellite, UFO Gestapo, Churches Burn, Relapsxycho.0, Pendro, La Otracina, The Higher Craft, Witchfield, Enablers, Hotel Hotel, Gutted With Broken Glass and Wyrm & Rats With Wings. Plus a 22 track Roil Noise label sampler with accompanying 10 screen PDF feature.

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Bad Acid - Tab 9 (DVD/Zine) (IMPORT) (DVD) Cover Art Bad Acid - Tab 9 (DVD/Zine) (IMPORT) (DVD)

DVD featuring The Atlas Moth, Blood Fountains, Das Bluul, La Ira De Dios, Seven That Spells, El Thule, Mono, Relapzsychloo and !Xazzaz!.

64 band audio compilation featuring Black Pyramid, Vincent Black Shadow, Eternal Elysium, Samsara Blues Experiment, Cough, Aluna, Ancestors, Circle, Lords Of Bukkake, Pelican, Weird Owl, Gonga, Born to Hula, Cervix Grey Daturas, Weird Owl, Cervix, Don Juan Matus, Ufomammut, White Hills, Dragontears, Electric Orange, Oresund Space Collective, many many more.

Printed Magazine featues reviews of all bands featured plus interviews with: Loud Howls festival organiser Jack Dickinson, Ancestors, Kylie Minoise, White Hills and Santos.

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Bloody Panda - Summon (with Bonus DVD) (IMPORT) (2CD) Cover Art Bloody Panda - Summon (with Bonus DVD) (IMPORT) (2CD)

Includes the bonus "Misere" DVD.

Fronted by Japanese siren and accomplished visual artist Yoshiko Ohara, whose death defying wails have at once drawn comparison to Diamanda Galas, Björk and Jarboe, Bloody Panda creates unique, affecting heavy music that combines visceral power, pained beauty and devastating emotion. Bloody Panda has skillfully combined the brutal with the entrancing. Summon is a nightmarish, cryptic trip that boosts Bloody Panda's disturbing cinematic vision of terror and frightening ferocity to altogether new spheres.

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Isis - Clearing the Eye (DVD) Cover Art Isis - Clearing the Eye (DVD)

Live performances are taken from The Troubador in Los Angeles on November 5, 2005; CBGB's in New York on June 3 and August 26, 2001; and Club Quattro in Tokyo, Japan on February 5, 2005. Full live performance at Annandale in Sydney, Australia on February 11, 2005.

Includes a 20 page booklet with exclusive art, photos and images. Extensive liner notes. Complete lyrics for all tracks included on the DVD.

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Melvins - Salad of a Thousand Delights (DVD) Cover Art Melvins - Salad of a Thousand Delights (DVD)

Bonus material includes an alternative perspective for "Antioxidote", Melvins at the Off Ramp in Seattle, 1991 and live in the studio, circa 1984.

Recorded live at the North Shore Surf Club in Olympia, Washington on May 16, 1991.

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OvO - First Ten Years (IMPORT) (DVD) Cover Art OvO - First Ten Years (IMPORT) (DVD)

Live at the Locomotiv Club in Bologna, Italy on November 21, 2010.

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Truckfighters - A Film... About a Band Called Truckfighters (PAL Format) (IMPORT) (DVD) Cover Art Truckfighters - A Film... About a Band Called Truckfighters (PAL Format) (IMPORT) (DVD)

This DVD is PAL FORMAT and will only play in players that support PAL FORMAT (Europe, Australia etc). Most computer DVD-Roms will play PAL Format DVDs and a lot of newer North American DVD players will as well. If you are unsure please check the manual for your DVD player to see if it will play PAL Format DVDs.

Truckfighters is a fresh, humorous fuzzomentary by Joerg Steineck and Christian Maciejewski which provides uncommon insight into the double-tracked lifestyle of a young determined and in a way untypical band, that describes their sound as fuzz rock. Funny, heavy, tragic - always beyond ordinary.

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Ufomammut - XV (15 Years of Ufomammut) (IMPORT) (DVD) Cover Art Ufomammut - XV (15 Years of Ufomammut) (IMPORT) (DVD)

This DVD is region free. PAL format.

The DVD features "Magickal Mastery Live", a 12 song live act and "XV", a documentary about the band throughout interviews and outtakes.

The Magickal Mastery Live:

  8. EVE (Pt. III and IV)
  10. ODIO
  12. GOD

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Various Artists - T.V. EYE Video Magazine #1 and #2 (NTSC Format) (DVD) Cover Art Various Artists - T.V. EYE Video Magazine #1 and #2 (NTSC Format) (DVD)

Both VHS video magazines combined onto one DVD - 1 hour 45 minutes!! Live footage, interviews, depravity and music videos, including bonus footage that was not on either of the videos including High on Fire's "Hung, Drawn and Quartered" and Mudhoney's "Sonic Infusion" music videos!

Live performances by: Nebula, Unida, High on Fire, Queens of the Stone Age, Lost Goat, Goatsnake and Drunk Horse with one song from each band, mostly recorded at The Troubadour, The Covered Wagon and The Casbah in California. The quality of all the live stuff is really good visually and above par sound quality (not perfect but pretty dang good!). Also included are interviews with members of the above bands.

Live performances by: Mudhoney, J Mascis & the Fog, The Murder City Devils, Zen Guerrilla and The Heads with one or two songs from each band. The quality of all the live stuff is really good visually and above par sound quality. Also included are interviews with members of the above bands.

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