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I Klatus - Surveillance and Worship (CD) Cover Art I Klatus - Surveillance and Worship (CD)

Features members of Lair of the Minotaur, Yakuza, Nachtmystium, and Infinite Monolith of Slavery.

I Klatus is the long standing noise group bent on sonic revolution. These songs were performed live by those involved in its inception. The necrolent sonic blashpemies of cosmic potent were entered into subjective realities.

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Icepick Revival - Distress Signal (CD EP) Cover Art Icepick Revival - Distress Signal (CD EP)

This some serious math stuff, and I love it. Fans of Dazzling Killmen's face of Collapse step forward and indulge. Three songs on this Distress Signal EP don't discriminate at all. Tight well rehearsed hard corechestrated ryhthms and tempo changes that will blow your mind. Great hardcore fun too for those that are into bands like Assuck and Man is the Bastard.

Think old Today is the Day mixed with some phenomenal hardcore and topped off with some extremely innovative songwriting. When I think a song is headed in a certain direction they do the complete opposite of what I expect. In my opinion, Icepick Revival are the future of underground heavy music.

The latest in noisecore obliteration courtesy of Louisiana heavy-handers ICEPICK REVIVAL. A nineteen-minute sledgehammer hoe-down of power and technical ability in the vein of heroes Unsane, Today Is The Day, Barkmarket, Dazzling Killmen, and even NoMeansNo.

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If He Dies He Dies - The Rise...The Fall (CD) Cover Art If He Dies He Dies - The Rise...The Fall (CD)

Artwork by Brian Mercer.

So if you took the angular, earthy percussive assault of Kylesa or Leviathan era Mastodon, threw in the stoner heft of High on Fire, the sorrowful dirges of Crowbar and a very slight hint of psychedelic doom like Rwake, Minsk or Samothrace then name the band after Ivan Drago’s famous line from Rocky IV, you get Michigan’s If He Dies He Dies and their very impressive third album, an album which will make me seek out the prior two releases. The Rise…The Fall is 10 tracks of earthy, riff driven metal that crosses a number of genres from stoner doom, prog rock, Southern tinged sludge, traditional doom and post rock.

It's a curious blend, indeed. The skin of melodic metal wrapped around the brute sinews of hardcore and shreds of extreme metal, tempered by doses of a mondo-hard super soldier of modern rock, thick and brawny minor prog inclinations and so-heavy-it's-heavy density a la stoner core (think Mastodon only not). Whew! And I still feel like I've only talked around what this is. Which is loud, crunchy, tough, rambunctious, surging and [insert synonym for heavy], all while showing some signs of artistry drug through the mud by galloping, pissed-off steeds.

You’re hit with a thick blend of thrash, progressive elements, crusty doom and even a little modern rock all wrapped up in a slick mastering from Scott Hull (Pig Destroyer). IHDHD hurl their entire gauntlet at your skull, laying down thick rhythms, varied guitars and a decent vocal performance. The guitar work ranges from crusty doom inspired riffing to slick, modern rock vibe smoothly. Vocalist Brent Eckhardt has some decent chops, varying in range from raw screams, deeper growls and some bluesy rock crooning.

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Iguana - Blues (IMPORT) (CD) Cover Art Iguana - Blues (IMPORT) (CD)

With new singer Alexander Loerinczy, the four-piece brings a little Seattle to the desert. He's got an amiable Chris Cornell type wail that fits in nicely with the band's mid-tempo Masters of Reality-lite stoner riffs.

They created a huge cocktail with Grunge, Stoner and 70`s Psychedelic Rock. A big plus is the new singer Alex (Dollys Meat, Holze) with his warm and emotional voice.

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Illuminati, The - On Borrowed Time (CD) Cover Art Illuminati, The - On Borrowed Time (CD)

Includes a bonus track and 2 videos!

Gritty guitars and swampy boogies meet head on in a ten ton nuclear blast of sonic abrasions. The drums are loud and proud, taking up plenty of space on the recording. Blues-metal mavericks should be warned, this is the album you’ve been waiting your entire life to hear.

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Imaad Wasif - The Voidist (CD) Cover Art Imaad Wasif - The Voidist (CD)

Special guests Dale Crover (Melvins) and Greg Burns (Red Sparowes). Produced by Chad Bamford (Weezer).

It seems that Wasif's heart lies in the big, traditional rock riffs and the folksy plucking of bands like Led Zeppelin and their ilk, as opposed to the dancey post-punk or lo-fi experimentation he has flirted with in other projects (Yeah Yeah Yeahs, alaska!, lowercase). An element of mysticism pervades his music. These moments are nice, and showcase a confident singer/songwriter working in a medium and style that suits him well. Perhaps his goal was simply to a make a no-frills rock and roll record with deft guitar playing and sweet singing that is removed from any trends or fads. In that, he has succeeded.

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In the Labyrinth - The Garden of Mysteries (IMPORT) (CD) Cover Art In the Labyrinth - The Garden of Mysteries (IMPORT) (CD)

What makes this album pop and stand out is the way everything is gift wrapped here. Let me tell you about the paper here, because that's what caught my attention almost immediately. Clean ethereal flutes handled with care sounding like a mish mash of dolphin song and pan flute. Abstract soundscaping synths slowly forming underneath everything like had the earth turned into a sonic version of coca cola. Soulful weeping electric guitar interludes. Beautiful lingering violin sections with nods toward the greener pastures of Ireland - maybe spliced up with a tiny dash of doom. Other times the music turns evil psychedelic - approaching early Floyd tracks like Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun - reaching out of its own sarcophagus with rotting arms grabbing a hold of you with Egyptian flare and seduction. Then in the heat of the moment we are treated to a female voice stepping out of the pyramid with soaring whispers - tales of flight and the golden Horus.

This is as close as you'll ever get to the real deal, but then again those treacherous flickering pulsating synths do take you places far away from your everyday Nile swim. There are so much going on in terms of mixing different cultures here, but the overall ambiance of Middle-Eastern, African, Arabian instrumentation all mixed together with psychedelic oscillations and folk twists from the North - still manages to sound together.

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Incisor - Trendshitter (CD EP) Cover Art Incisor - Trendshitter (CD EP)

Take the depth and precision of your favorite black/dark metal band and add even more technicality and subtract all the lame vocal lines and you’ll have Incisor. Trendshitter is a very moving album that shows sheer technical skill like few albums to date. The band proves again and again that vocals are not as necessary as society leads us to believe and then drills that idea into our head for a lasting amount of time.

An unholy riff-a-thon of instrumental death and thrash metal hot enough to melt the ink off of any Slayer T-shirt. For fans of Carcass, Testament, and The Fucking Champs.

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Incoming Cerebral Overdrive - Controverso (IMPORT) (CD) Cover Art Incoming Cerebral Overdrive - Controverso (IMPORT) (CD)

It's a powerful overcharging state, originating from the mastodontic approach to the riff rooted in a hardcore attitude and developing in something different and multiform. The furious dynamics, the tearing vocals, the seventies Italian prog reminiscences and the psychedelic aesthetic show the will to experiment on continuosly mutating song structures. Controverso represents a new impulse of uncontrollable nature: structured in eight tracks, the album evolves through a conscious musical growing, moving toward the innovative soul of avant garde music. Powerful concrete dynamics, tearing vocals and a mastodontic approach to the riff are the main directions of this "post-something" band from Italy.

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Incoming Cerebral Overdrive - Le Stelle: A Voyage Adrift (IMPORT) (CD) Cover Art Incoming Cerebral Overdrive - Le Stelle: A Voyage Adrift (IMPORT) (CD)

The concept, an imaginary, dark and lonely trip adrift discovered in a diary. Emotions of fear, anger and irrational excitement are expressed, waiting for a certain epilogue into desolation, a final annihilation in a cosmic fusion. Sonically, this new album is a journey that intersects and expands in a huge, deep and at times, claustrophobic monolith. Heavy cavernous guitars with back-breaking riffs, multifaceted, effect laden vocals and rhythmic notes plunge into a psychedelic mix of unpredictable sounds of distress and madness that we, the recipient, can only succumb to.

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