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Habsyll - MMVIII (IMPORT) (CD) Cover Art Habsyll - MMVIII (IMPORT) (CD)

Calling “MMVIII"” doom metal would be a massive disservice to this record’s heaviness, despite a similar genetic lineage. This is the sound of a prophecy fulfilled, Habsyll come in thick oiled cords of feedback and bass. Like the desperately sluggish draining of fluids from a slab, Habsyll’s dying tones take up way more of the record than the band’s occasional playing of notes. It might cause your typical doomers a little disquiet, this record creepycrawls way beyond a mere dose of slow, way beyond even the movement of some half-salted slug on its way to its distant finish. Deeper than the gloom for most of its duration, it remains this way until a shopper-fuelled Mall fire finale – a gravely brutal disc.

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Hainloose - Burden State (IMPORT) (CD) Cover Art Hainloose - Burden State (IMPORT) (CD)

Burden State is a true masterpiece between stoner, southern rock and dirty blues. Great riffs, catchy vocals and a killer production.

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Hainloose - Rosula (IMPORT) (CD) Cover Art Hainloose - Rosula (IMPORT) (CD)

‘Rosula’ is tight as hell, with each song stripped of fat while at the same time rich in dynamics and memorable riffs, chased by Haris’ clean vocals. Overall, Hainloose not only reminds me of Kinch - with perhaps a bit Colour Haze at their most concise - but also of some of the best and cleanest of the Swedish scene, such as Astroqueen, Honcho, and even Mammoth Volume. As you might surmise, there’s lots of desert vibing, but there’s also a leavening of a difficult-to-define sensibility that somehow reminds me of early 70s FM American radio; you know, before it totally sucked. Produced by Colour Haze’s Koglek, the sound is rich and full. Amongst all the heaviness, there’s also a kind of romantic feeling, as if this is the kind of music we’d all be sitting around the radio smoking to, if we lived in the utopia that underground music fanatics caught a glimpse of in the early 70s.

Agreed -- this totally rules. Another awesome CD from Elektrohasch --- like Pepper from COC fronting FU MANCHU, baby.

Hainloose from Munich are one of those groove rock bands all about thick fat bass line riffs, blues drenched tuned down sludge.

This CD reminds me of COC, ATP...Southern tuned down fuzzy goodness. Hainloose is definitely classic rock influenced (like who isn't?) and about just laying down thick line after line of heavy stoner goodness.

Get this one if you dig good stoner rock stuff that isn't just run of the mill...it's southern drenched goodness, classic rock rooted and just plain good...really as good as it gets in my opinion.

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Hair of the Dog - The Siren's Song (IMPORT) (CD) Cover Art Hair of the Dog - The Siren's Song (IMPORT) (CD)

HAIR OF THE DOG, a riff-laden heavy rock trio from Edinburgh, Scotland and is a tight, energetic outfit that has been jamming, writing and performing for over fifteen years now.

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Half Makeshift - L'anse Amort (CD) Cover Art Half Makeshift - L'anse Amort (CD)

Includes four photographic postcards.

Right from the start of L'anse Amort you'll notice the more rhythmic approach as well as more 'clothed' melodic ideas. The distorted harpsichord, the guitar chords, bells and atmospheric keyboards take us to the more romantic aspects of nordic metal without being metal (or nordic). More the stuff you'd find as intermezzo's on the classic black metal releases. After 10 minutes into "A Whale's Heart" a screeching, distorted - if not devastated - heavy guitar takes the opening piece into a grim finale. Like the title track, which after repetive clean guitar tinglings takes a massive turn into a heavy, droney wall of sound. Melancholy is maintained to the end where the flutterings in "Eye" make you worry a bit about your CD player.

Experimental landscapes both serene and terrifying, with elements of everything from Black Boned Angel to Philip Jeck.

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Halfway to Gone - Second Season (CD) Cover Art Halfway to Gone - Second Season (CD)

Ever had the shit slapped out of you by a record? If not then it's time to feel the punch of Halfway to Gone. While other "stoner rock" bands tend to try and fake the heavy and lie through the southern, Halfway To Gone grab the beast by the balls and squeeze 'till it's dead.

Halfway To Gone is the sound of a backwoods Black Sabbath with Duane Allman on guitar... The sound is southern, but not fried. Heavy, but not metal. This shit rocks!

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Halfway to Gone - Self Titled (CD) Cover Art Halfway to Gone - Self Titled (CD)

Halfway to Gone is a southern drenched hard rock guitar outfit with some wickedly tight tunes. From the upbeat 'Burn Em Down' to the soulful and heavy overdriven grooves of 'Turnpike', these guys are 100 percent high energy hard southern guitar style rock and roll. I am filing this CD somewhere near Dixie Witch around the corner from Raging Slab and COC, and even though these guys aren't doom-- they DO have some pretty damn evil sounding changes and grooves from time to time:) This CD just rocks period!

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Harsh Toke - Light Up and Live (CD) Cover Art Harsh Toke - Light Up and Live (CD)

The debut album "Light Up and Live" from Harsh Toke forges the new breed of psychedelic skate rock. Like a destructive wind bursting and shredding these six strings of space release some 5,000 notes circling and oscillating around timelessly and unremittingly in and out of the beating heart and core groove of the drums, the banging the bashing allows the bass to seem far out as a cosmic buffet of pounding and pummeling and punishing and as if underneath the ocean came an atmospheric astral plane of sounds infinite and fuzzed down to the bone do these keyboard ivories tickle as if lost in space. But out with the bull and in with the real, these 4 music lovers and jam crazed heavy seekers search to get that sound aloud and and make a ton of fucking noise while they're at it.

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Haunted - Self Titled (CD) Cover Art Haunted - Self Titled (CD)

This introductory 5-song effort from vocalist Cristina Chimirri, guitarist Fancesco Bauso, bassist Frank Tudisco, guitarist Francesco Orlando, and drummer Valerio Cimino, otherwise known as Haunted, is going to blow away fans of Hard Rock. I do not make such a bold statement with carefree, reckless abandon either, no, not at all but this thing is an incredibly magnificent opus to all that is heavily fuzzened with doomed might, vintage in sound, atmospheric in nuance, and massive in all that is good in the realm of Doom and Stoner Rock! - Metal Nexus

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Hawkwind - The Charisma Years 1976-1979 (IMPORT) (CD Box Set) Cover Art Hawkwind - The Charisma Years 1976-1979 (IMPORT) (CD Box Set)

Four CDs presented in a clamshell box, featuring Hawkwind's four albums released by Charisma Records in the period 1976-1979. The CDs are presented in replica card sleeves and a poster is included.

The albums are 'Astounding Sounds, Amazing Music', 'Quark Strangeness & Charm', 'Hawklords: 25 Years On' and 'PXR 5'.

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