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Cable - Gutter Queen (CD) Cover Art Cable - Gutter Queen (CD)

Hide the women and children, Connecticut's lunatics are back with their second album. Cable retains their old noisecore sound on this release, but returns with more anger, bitterness, hostility, and experimentation. Like the great Unsane and Today Is The Day, Cable churns out sick metallic noise/metal with frightening vocals and some of the best lyrics you'll read in a while, 'Dying never looked this good.' It's okay to be afraid.

Cable will always be the black sheep of their record company, because there aren't many labels or bands like them. Heavy, but not metal, hard, but no way hardcore, rock but for certainly not what you hear on the radio. The music is intricate, and emotional, but again in no way "emo", the emotion being emoted is that of intense anger. If you like your rock hard and heavy with screams about six dead on the delta, while drinkin' on I-95 and placing that music into a genre is unimportant to you then look no further...Cable will tear into you.

Price: $15.99
Cable - Last Call (2CD) Cover Art Cable - Last Call (2CD)

Comes with a bonus DVD!! Guest appearances by Jeff Caxide (Isis), Steve Austin (Today is the Day), Armine (Rosetta) and many more.

Last Call is the final Cable release. It features a 15-song CD which includes hand picked songs from Cable's previous studio albums, a full live set from their last show at CBGB’s in December 2004, a previously unreleased live track of the song "Gutter Queen" which was only played once live and a brand new studio recording called "Last Call" which was recorded in July of 2006. The DVD that comes with this release features a hour long film by Ed Ballinger (Slacks), the full video from their last show at CBGB’s, and many extras. This is the ultimate Cable release and features guest appearances by Jeff Caxide (Isis), Steve Austin (Today is the Day) Armine (Rosetta) and many more.

Price: $14.99
Cable - Pigs Never Fly (CD) Cover Art Cable - Pigs Never Fly (CD)

The band continues its slow transition from noise-core to southern-tinged sludge, a sort of Isis-meets-EyeHateGod monstrosity. Along the way, they throw in a curve ball or two, making for an impressive and interesting album, one that builds on the band’s ten years of experience.

This album's a beast, I say. A BEAST.

Yeah, I'm totally blown away by this album. Been a fan a long time and I can safely say that this is the best thing that they've ever done.

Price: $13.99
Cable - Skyhorse Jams (CD EP) Cover Art Cable - Skyhorse Jams (CD EP)

Cable has a dirty fuzzed out southern rock sound with simple guitar riffs and soul... Just good ol' heavy rock and roll. Thick and heavy grooves that remind me of bands like Suplecs and Dixie Witch, much of the same approaches and raspy vocals that are more reminiscent to Dixie Dave of Weedeater more so than Trinidad of Dixie Witch...also kind of reminds me of Mississippi Sludge with a tinge of Eyehategod. These guys are heavy and loud...obvious whiskey drinkers and sludge lovers. Get this one for some good southern mud done right.

The Connecticut monsters of noise are back with an incredibly disturbing slab o' sonic mayhem. At first, Cable's music tends to lull you into believing everything is all right. Then, out of nowhere it pops out from behind the couch and place a razor to your throat. True aggression fitting for a modern society.

Price: $7.99
Cable - Variable Speed Drive (CD) Cover Art Cable - Variable Speed Drive (CD)

Includes 3 bonus tracks.

So this is where it all began, the start of Cableís legacy - and no, thatís not too strong a word. Originally released in 1996, Variable Speed Drive remains as uncompromisingly ugly now as it did 13 years ago. In fact, given how the bandís progressed over time, Iíd say itís gotten even uglier. Variable Speed Drive is an open wound, festering and raw. People expecting the southern-tinged sludge of Skyhorse Jams and Never Trust a Gemini will have a hard time finding something to latch onto here; itís uncompromisingly abrasive to its core. And yet itís not a simplistic wail of rage. Youíd be hard pressed to find moments when the band toes a conventional line, even when it seems like Larsen and Co are doing nothing more than offering up a litany of angular riffs to go along with his hoarse shouting.

One listen is all it takes to discover how far ahead of their time these guys were in the arena of gritty noisecore. Variable Speed Drive is packed with jarringly discordant guitar lines, piercing screams, and off-kilter rhythms, all pulled together with subtle touches of melody buried in the band's musical catharsis. This record is by no means a well-oiled machine; it rumbles forward on a foundation of pure passion and anger, something that feels missing amongst so many current records hiding behind expensive equipment and slick production jobs. Cable's mid to late 90s songwriting style was far from a calculated approach, instead serving as a channel for emotional release. In other words, Variable Speed Drive is dripping in authenticity. It wasn't heavy, noisy, and pissed off because it needed to fit into a genre. It was all of those things out of pure sincerity.

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Cain - A Pound of Flesh (Re-issue) (CD) Cover Art Cain - A Pound of Flesh (Re-issue) (CD)

Includes 4 bonus tracks!

No self-respecting '70s hard rock collection is complete without Jiggs Lee's powerful raucous vocals and Lloyd Forsberg's stunning guitar work. Heed the call all '70s rock fiends! For fans of '70s hard rock like Aerosmith, Bad Company ,Queen, Led Zeppelin, Truth and Janey, Poobah Granicus and so on.

Price: $22.99
Camarosmith - Self Titled (CD) Cover Art Camarosmith - Self Titled (CD)

Featuring members of Zeke!

Ex-Zeke maniacs with some new blood are at it again with a new high energy sound that fits more with the Stoner Rock crowd than it does with the punk rockers. This stuff has the same blistering energy that Zeke would get across but full of deep seated classic rock grooves, blues and tuned down sludge of sorts.

Guitars are fuzzed out and loud- overall musicianship is tight and well rehearsed, and live they put on a damn good show- it's southern tinged at times and often have a lot of similarities musically with Dixie Witch. Great riffs and a consistently good record complete with killer Jack Endino production.

Get this one of you are into hard classic riff filled stoner rock with lots of balls...imagine the 70's clashing with todays newer twists, tinged in punk. Yep, that pretty much explains it there.

Imagine if you could melt down your MC5, Soundgarden and Hellacopters CD's, and flair em out with some space dust. Out of rocks' body shop would come CAMAROSMITH, one part punk, one part "Louder Than Love" and one part desert. If you're into Soundgarden, Hellacopters and Grand Magus, jump in turn up and punch it!

Price: $16.99
Cambrian Explosion - The Moon (IMPORT) (CD) Cover Art Cambrian Explosion - The Moon (IMPORT) (CD)

They call themselves the cosmic sorcerers from Portland. Nori Lockhart, Ben Dorothy, Derrin Twiford and Archie Heald together form Cambrian Explosion and play a cool mix of stoner and psychedelic rock. After they released a brilliant debut EP called 'The Sun' in 2013, 'The Moon' EP is the logical next step. And with its almost 40 minutes in length, 'The Moon' is closer to a full-length than 'The Sun'.

Price: $13.99
Candlemass - Ashes To Ashes (Live with Bonus DVD) (2CD) Cover Art Candlemass - Ashes To Ashes (Live with Bonus DVD) (2CD)

The live cuts from the 2009 Sweden Rock and Athens shows plus behind the scenes material, interview and picture galleries! Dooooooom!

Price: $12.99
Candlemass - Death Magic Doom (CD) Cover Art Candlemass - Death Magic Doom (CD)

Includes a bonus track.

Swedish gods Candlemass present their sophomore full-length in their incarnation fronted by Robert Lowe of Solitude Aeturnus, Death Magic Doom. Considering the vivacious sound the band had on 2007ís King of the Grey Islands, Death Magic Doom has a lot to live up to, but with tales of demons and death, they present eight solid tracks in their trademark classic style.

As strong as Heaven and Hell's The Devil You Know is, Candlemass actually bests their (slight) elders with Death Magic Doom. Perhaps Iommi and Butler wield mightier swords of distortion, but the team of Johansson, Edling and Mappe Bjorkman possess plenty of clang in their own right. Not that Robert Lowe is superior to Ronnie James Dio (who the hell is, save for Rob Halford?), but once you've spun Death Magic Doom a few times, the entertaining prospect of seeing Dio and Lowe together with both groups in booming arms at their backs is not going to be too astray from your mind.

The Rob Lowe era of Candlemass is still in the early stages, but one thing has been made clear; Candlemass does not need Messiah to be considered the kings of doom metal. Death Magic Doom may not reach the same level as the considered legendary albums Epicus Doomicus Metallicus or Nightfall, but it is everything a band that has been around for twenty years can hope to be. Death Magic Doom is as heavy as Candlemass has ever been, as melodic as Candlemass has ever been, and features the strongest lineup Candlemass has ever had. Messiah may still be viewed as the face of the band, but Rob Lowe is now the voice of Candlemass.

Price: $6.66