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Akimbo - City of the Stars (CD)
Akimbo - City of the Stars (CD) Cover Art
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Origin: USA
Released: 2004

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Product Code: ATH-2427


City of the Stars is heavy but without a ton of distortion, and the songs have an almost mathy-type feel to them. With the jagged, hoarse vocals, Akimbo take on a more abrasive quality. It's a hectic, chaotic album. Songs start and stop without warning, yet all the time maintaining momentum. Itís like theyíve created a perpetual motion machine that runs on madness. If that doesnít entice you to check them out, I donít know what will.

The tracks are melodically versatile and the vocals beautifully abrasive. At times it will feel like you're listening to a classic rock station, then swept up by '80s punk and hardcore only to be laid out flat by the intense vocals and riffs. City of the Stars successfully embodies the elements of the hard rock and punk evolution.