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Acid Witch - Witchtanic Hellucinations (Re-issue) (CD)
Acid Witch - Witchtanic Hellucinations (Re-issue) (CD) Cover Art

Price: $15.99

Origin: USA
Released: 2012

Availability: Low Stock
Product Code: ATH-9465


Acid Witch plays a very trippy, psychedelic and unsurprisingly horror influenced form of doom metal. Yet it's delivered with such unabashed childishness and goofiness, a possible result of what the Scoody Doo cartoon theme would sound like if Electric Wizard had penned it. You'll find elements of Cathedral here, some Witchfinder General there, and some slight nods to Pentagram. Add to that some of Electric Wizard's ultra bassy, fuzzy, and distorted guitar tone and booming production values. Like other traditional doom metal albums the riffs and rhythm patterns move in a lumbering and lurching fashion yet somehow the Witchsters inject some nice doses of sensual grooves that recall 70's Deep Purple. During various listening sessions I felt like I was inside Satan's smoke filled strip club watching strippers complete with horns and cloven hooves gyrating their lovely tail clad asses for the merriment of us sinners and then suddenly I somehow realized that perhaps hell isn't really a bad place after all.