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Acid King - Busse Woods (CD)
Acid King - Busse Woods (CD) Cover Art
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Price: 25,000 pts

Origin: USA
Released: 1999

Product Code: HRLPP-409


Acid King's long-awaited new cd makes a definitive statement of heaviness that more than makes up for their small number of releases. Interesting then, how this enormously dark and heavy cd is characterized by its laid back feel. There is no angst and bombast here just super large fuzz riffs unfurled with taste and atmosphere... Just put on Busse (pronounced buss-ee) Woods and find out what she can do.

Acid King gets better every release. Their 97 split with Altamont contains one of the most massively oppressive doom instrumentals ever in "Phase II" and their latest `BUSSE WOODS` is my favorite Man`s Ruin release of all time.
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