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35007 - Phase V (IMPORT) (LP)
35007 - Phase V (IMPORT) (LP) Cover Art
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Origin: Netherlands
Released: 2012

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Product Code: ATH-9579

Deluxe gatefold sleeve.

If you’ve heard Liquid and the earlier EP, Sea of Tranquility, you can form some expectations without being way off. However, rather than putting out re-hashed material, the band goes further and delivers an album that is fresh and captivating in its own self. While the overall feel of Liquid was mellow, Phase V feels simply heavier. There is also plenty of variations, psychedelia, even groove. This album is a success on many levels. Not only did 35007 maintain their position by putting out yet another excellent, flawless album, but they’ve managed to fill that void in music that needs psyche provoking sounds, beautiful yet powerful melodies, perfect arrangement and masterful execution. This is the job only 35007 can do. And that’s what makes them and their latest album so special. They’ve delivered plenty of amazing material and although each of their previous four albums is nothing short of a masterpiece, Phase V might yet be hailed as their best.

Phase V is decidedly more mellow than Liquid and also free of long buildups. It really is a joy to listen to. It's seems to me to have a huge Pink Floyd influence with the keyboards, delicate guitar and stong basslines and of course the intricate layering and effects. If you've ever had any doubt about 35007 then Phase V will wash them away. Pelican? Karma to Burn? HA! Step forth 35007, for you are the new kings of instrumentalism!

It follows in the band's progression from their earlier work to Liquid. It is flowing, yet heavy, and very melodic. A few other things I really like about this album (and band) are their use of tempos and dynamics. The album builds to a crescendo near the end, swelling and then you are let down gracefully by the last track.