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35007 - Liquid (IMPORT) (CD)
35007 - Liquid (IMPORT) (CD) Cover Art
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Origin: Germany
Released: 2002

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Product Code: ATH-1259


No song on this album can be judged by listening to a 2min sample. Each of them is about 10mins long and full of diversity and incredible flips of moods. You can start by listening to the sound of waves and next thing you know you're facing some deep, powerful riffs. Music on this album is emotions transported by musical instruments, samples and musical genius of 35007. Yes, file this under Masterpiece!!!

35007 is the code name for a quintet with a unique sound. Ranging from firm grooves drenched in multiple layers of sound and hypnotic riffs to flowing soundscapes. A fine combination of past and future in influences and technique. 2001 marked the appearance of 35007 MARK IV as well as the shift to even more hypnotic instrumental terrain. It goes beyond the conventional rock formula and astonished critics and audience. The most recent sonic constructions are captured on the FULLY INSTRUMENTAL sound track "Liquid". Be prepared, as 35007 catapults your head into the next dimension. 35007 is a state of mind.

Once, when I was 19, I took a whole lotta shrooms and listened to Sky Valley over and over, and had a great trip on it... "Liquid" gives me that feeling WITHOUT the drugs... I can't wait to try it with the drugs :) For current 35007 fans, it's better than Sea of Tranquility... and for new fans it's the best instrumental psychedelic music I've ever heard... It's definitely in my top five releases of the year.