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1000mods - Super Van Vacation (IMPORT) (2LP)
1000mods - Super Van Vacation (IMPORT) (2LP) Cover Art
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Price: $35.99

Origin: Germany
Released: 2012

Availability: Unavailable (Archived)
Product Code: ATH-8951

Limited edition of only 200 hand numbered copies on 180gr. black vinyl. Deluxe gatefold sleeve.

Fuzz abounds on the Billy Anderson produced full length debut by Greek traditional stoner rockers 1000mods. The Chiliomodi four-piece made a splash late in 2009 with the well-riffed Liquid Sleep 7”, and they follow much the same course on the 10-track Super Van Vacation, nodding at desert rock while keeping a looseness in the material that speaks to a love of jamming. The Orange-amped guitars of Giannis and George are expectedly thick and lay down solid riffs throughout for drummer Labros and bassist/vocalist Dani to follow. Tones are dialed in thick and full, and Dani’s vocals cut through well but never dominate the guitars, which are clearly intended as the focus.

They’ve pretty much got stoner rock down, it just might take a few times through Super Van Vacation for listeners to fully realize it. For its utter lack of pretense and the Eurostoner homage it pays, 1000mods’ debut sets a positive course for the band to follow. There is growth yet to be undertaken but the four-piece have their hearts and their amps in the right place and they know how to hone in on a serious groove.