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Company Band, The - Sign Here, Here, and Here (CD EP) Cover Art Company Band, The - Sign Here, Here, and Here (CD EP)

Features Neil Fallon (Clutch), Jess Margera (CKY), Rev. James Rota (Fireball Ministry) and Jason Diamond (Puny Human)!

The group was formed by James Rota, Dave Bone and Jason Diamond in 2006 as a side project when they had free time. After a show in 2006 where Fireball Ministry was supporting CKY, Rota approached Margera about playing drums with them. Jess agreed and the band made some instrumental tracks. Later, Fallon agreed to appear as a guest vocalist on one of the songs. Eventually Fallon became a full member of the group and the line-up was complete.

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Price: $8.99
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