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Acid King - Busse Woods (Re-issue) (CD) Cover Art Acid King - Busse Woods (Re-issue) (CD)

Includes 2 bonus tracks not found on the Man's Ruin version!!!

Acid King's Busse Woods makes a definitive statement of heaviness that more than makes up for their small number of releases. Interesting then, how this enormously dark and heavy CD is characterized by its laid back feel. There is no angst and bombast here, just super large fuzz riffs unfurled with taste and atmosphere... Just put on Busse (pronounced buss-ee) Woods and find out what she can do.

Acid King gets better every release. Their '97 split with Altamont contains one of the most massively oppressive doom instrumentals ever in "Phase II" and their latest Busse Woods is my favorite Man`s Ruin release of all time.

Like Electric Wizard and the Melvins, this is where rock music seperates itself completely from pop tradition. There are no songs at all, just riffs. This is really art music, existing completely outside traditional pop structures. Mood and atmosphere don't color these songs, they ARE the songs. It's basically the stoned-out space rock of early UFO and Hawkwind brought farther down the line.

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Price: $14.99
Black Sleep of Kali - Our Slow Decay (CD) Cover Art Black Sleep of Kali - Our Slow Decay (CD)

Black Sleep of Kali are an ugly, yet beautiful proposition that draw on influences with a darker hue. This is by no means retro rock and sits firmly in the modern day looking to bands such as Baroness, Mastodon and High on Fire with one eye on the up and coming stoner doom scene of bands like Black Pyramid and Elder. Pulverizing, uncompromising and aggressive on the one hand, BSOK pile granite hard riffs onto each other propelled along with an animalistic rhythm and capped off with a coruscating vocal approach that sounds like a juggernaut scraping along a cliff side!!! The initial impact of this album is like being hit by a fucking huge boulder but keep listening and it becomes apparent that scratch the surface of the boulder and you will find gold.

Price: $25.99
Blackwolfgoat - Dragonwizardsleeve (CD) Cover Art Blackwolfgoat - Dragonwizardsleeve (CD)

Darryl Shepard, previously of notable Boston outfits like Milligram and Hackman, helms and comprises Blackwolfgoat, and on his full-length debut, Dragonwizardsleeve, he reminds that loops, drones and noise arenĘt necessarily relegated as tools only for hipster art students or freakout psychedelics. Somehow, this drone rocks. While BlackwolfgoatĘs debut is challenging, its lonely heaviness manages to cross the divide between desolate black metal, doom, drone and even some classic heavy psych at the end. This leads me to believe the albumĘs limited appeal ū being solo, instrumental guitar ū is offset by the sonic diversity and that those who donĘt ordinarily get down with this kind of indulgence might be doing right by checking in on what Dragonwizardsleeve has to offer.

As a first outing, Shepard seems to have a remarkable vision in place of what he wants this band to be, and he carries it across with confidence and clarity throughout these six songs which have just enough in them to keep the easily bored occupied and the willingly entranced under their spell for the duration.

Price: $25.99
Bottom - You'rNext (CD) Cover Art Bottom - You'rNext (CD)

Bottom is far removed from the style of their past release. On You'rNext, they've got more in common with eclectic, experimental acts like Book of Knots. Some of the tracks are stripped down to the barest of essentials, accented by instruments not normally associated with this style of music. Intertwined with these more traditional style songs are experiments in feedback. It's easy to dismiss these tracks as filler, but they in fact serve the purpose of keeping the listener off kilter. You'rNext isn't background music. The arrangements are too complex and the music's too engrossing for that. You're taken on a journey with this album.

Amazing album! I know some will disagree, but I find similarities between this album and OM's Variations on a Theme in that most of the tracks are almost entirely comprised of just bass, drums and vocals... hardly any guitar.

Emerging from a dreamscape of feedback six feet deep, Bottom's sound twists and turns like an old saw wiseacre then digs into your head like a ritual from the Book of the Dead. Delivered with all the subtlety of the Grim Reaper, You'rNext tells us a gypsy lie using minor chords soul wrenching howls and guitar tones that circles like ravenous buzzards.

Price: $16.99
Brain Police - Beyond the Wasteland (CD) Cover Art Brain Police - Beyond the Wasteland (CD)

"Beyond the Wasteland" is the sort of stoner rock you expect from the Nordic region – aggressive riffs tempered with melody and as catchy as crabs in a $10 whorehouse. In short, Brain Police is the type of band you cite as a competent example of the genre. These tracks are instantly accessible, and more importantly, I could remember them long after I stopped playing the album. And compared to past releases, "Beyond the Wasteland" is by far the best material Brain Police has released.

If your collection boasts the likes of Greenleaf, Dozer, Sgt. Sunshine, Asteroid, Blowback, Unida, Hermano, Nebula, Sparzanza, Josiah, Frame and Honcho, then push ‘em all over to the side and make room for Brain Police.

Veteran rockers Brain Police return with their fourth studio album, sporting a new guitarist Búi Bendtsen. The result is more guitar heavy than past albums without losing their distinctive stoner-rock sound. The band is as tight as Baden Powell’s Boy Scout knots – especially the connection between drummer Jónbi and bass player Höddi. Seen live Brain Police are a tough act to follow and Beyond the Wasteland captures that well.

Price: $15.99
Brain Police - Electric Fungus (Re-issue) (CD) Cover Art Brain Police - Electric Fungus (Re-issue) (CD)

Their songs are full of one blues drenched thick classic rock riff after riff and will have you banging your head to the beat within minutes. If you like bands like Dozer, Roachpowder, Orange Goblin then you should like what Brain Police has to offer. Good energy, good grooves good times and plenty of soul...rock!

Price: $23.99
Dozer - Beyond Colossal (Re-issue) (Clear) (LP) Cover Art Dozer - Beyond Colossal (Re-issue) (Clear) (LP)

Limited edition on clear vinyl. Reissue for this 2008 album from Swedish Stoner vets.

Guest vocals by Neil Fallon (Clutch / The Company Band) on 'Empire's End'. Beyond Colossal takes them further away from what can be called "traditional" stoner rock and places them into their own niche. At times Beyond Colossal hearkens back to the days of 'Supersoul' and 'Man Made Mountain' but the predominant theme to the album's ten tracks is "Keep it heavy". They've traded their instantly catchy choruses for crushing riffs.

Price: $26.99
Dwellers - Good Morning Harakiri (Color) (LP) Cover Art Dwellers - Good Morning Harakiri (Color) (LP)

180gr. color vinyl.

Something about Dwellers sounds oddly familiar, but it's hard to put your finger on it until the Salt Lake City group's debut, Good Morning Harakiri, really gets a head of steam going. Could it be the presence of previously known personages like former Iota vocalist/guitarist Joey Toscano, or Sub Rosa alums Dave Jones (bass) and Zach Hatsis (drums)? Nah, too obscure all around, so it's gotta be the neo-psych qualities of these songs, which at different times recall everyone from Dead Meadow, to Truly, to SST-era Soundgarden.

You know what we're talking about: that period when post-punk lysergic vibes ran far deeper than the subliminal metal influences bubbling just beneath the surface, even on more insistent numbers like "Black Bird" and the intriguingly titled "Ode to the Inversion Layer." Toscano's wah-wah-lovin' geetar also conjures up old-school Screaming Trees on the extended jam "Vultures," where the long-term working relationship between his rhythm peers definitely comes in handy -- as it does on the slow-crawling, pent-up tension of closer "Old Honey," featuring echoed vocals in the Sons of Otis wheelhouse. Another cut, the punchy "Lightning Ritual," shows unusual restraint and succinctness, so at least we know Dwellers can accomplish such feats of self-editing, if they so wish. But something tells us to expect an even wackier acid trip next time around, if Good Morning Harakiri turns out to yield a sequel, in contrast with the finality of its title.

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Price: $26.99
Five Horse Johnson - Fat Black Pussy Cat (ROYAL BLUE) (CD) Cover Art Five Horse Johnson - Fat Black Pussy Cat (ROYAL BLUE) (LP)

Limited edition of 500 copies on royal blue 180g vinyl

When Five Horse Johnson formed back in the year of 1995, and announced themselves as a Blues Band, their friends may have thought they had cause to worry. After all, it is a well-worn banality that white boys can only ever hope to mimic the blues, isn't it? The band has always understood that the Blues isn't a formula, but a way of looking at the world; their blues is a dirty, sensual thing. Over the past decade, Five Horse Johnson has honed out a niche all their own, combining their love and respect for the Blues, Classic Rock and other, less dog-eared influences of their youth to become one of the most loved and respected bands in the Stoner Rock community. Cargo Records is now rereleasing their classic 1998 'Fat Black Pussycat' album on heavyweight 180 gram vinyl. STRICTLY LIMITED FIRST PRESSING OF 500 COPIES ROYAL BLUE VINYL!!

Price: $28.99
Five Horse Johnson - Jake Leg Boogie (Gold) (LP) Cover Art Five Horse Johnson - Jake Leg Boogie (Gold) (LP)

Strictly limited to 500 copies on gold 180 gram vinyl.

This is hard, heavy, dirty blues rock 'n' roll for people who like the sound of an engine roaring or the feeling obtained by following a cold beer with a shot of good whiskey.

Price: $28.99
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